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From "Nigel Jones"<>
Subject ATLAS-2084 berkeleyDB
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2017 13:56:40 GMT
I'm looking at ATLAS-2084, to add BerkelyDB to the build (ASF 2.0 licensed).
Initially it looked as if one could point to the Oracle Maven repo, however this isn't possible.
Today though as far as I can see our dependencies are pretty much all through maven, or built?

As such I'd need to add the jar into the build. There's numerous ways of doing this

a) Local maven repo

I could create a maven repo for example under <base>/repo, an add the berkelydb jar
etc in there. Then change dist/pom.xml so as to add the extra repo & dependency within
the berkeleydb-elasticsearch profile

This is my favoured approach as it
 * Keeps any 'externally sourced' libraries clear within the source tree
 * Allows us to continue using maven to express dependencies
 * Other than the repo keeps the changes required to pull berkeleydb in when required localized
to a very specific profile

Given upcoming POM changes & titan->janus this may of course need revisiting - in particular
the profiles, but the repo wouldn't be affected (other than new versions)

b) Non-maven jar

I could simple add the jar elsewhere in the build - be it a new top level dir, within dist
(probably not) or the titan dirs (as only used for titan) and ensure (tbd how) the library
is moved to the right target location.

This seems a little less clear and cluttered

What does the community think?


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