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From Nigel Jones <>
Subject Atlas mailing lists on GMANE
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2017 09:36:38 GMT
About a year ago I arranged for the atlas mailing lists to be replicated 
to the news server on . The objective was to make it easier 
for new joiners (users or contributors) to the project, or casual 
observers, to be easily get an idea of the vibrancy of the project and 
reduce any barriers to getting engaged.

These lists remain available on the NNTP server as

gmane.comp.apache.incubator.atlas.devel (URL: 
news:// )

gmane.comp.apache.incubator.atlas.scm (URL: 
news:// )

I think it could be useful if we would add these links to the "mailing 
list" page at albeit 
with the caveat that
  * these are not officialyy supported by apache
  * any issues should be directed at

gmane did have a glitch for a few months, but has been back running for 
a while now albeit with reduced capabilities. I personally still believe 
it can offer a valuable aid - free from constraints of some email 
systems & formats!


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