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From Madhan Neethiraj <>
Subject [RESULT] [VOTE] Release Apache Atlas 0.7.1 (incubating) - release candidate 3 (dev group vote)
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2017 20:01:56 GMT
Atlas team,

Thanks for taking time to verify, give feedback and vote on Apache Atlas 0.7.1 (incubating)
release candidates.

More than 72 hours have passed since the email to vote for the release; the vote thread is
now considered closed. The vote passes with 15 +1s (4 binding, 11 non-binding) and no 0s and
-1s. I will notify general@incubator to get IPMC approval.

Here are the vote details:

Four +1 votes from following PPMC members (binding):
  +1 Hemanth Yamijala
  +1 Shwetha Shivalingamurthy
  +1 Suma Shivaprasad
  +1 Venkat Ranganathan

Zero +0 votes

Zero –1 votes

Eleven +1 vote from following members (non-binding):
  +1 Apoorv Naik
  + Ayub Khan Pathan
  +1 David Radley
  +1 Ismaël Mejía
  +1 Jean-Baptiste Onofré
  +1 Keval Bhatt
  +1 Madhan Neethiraj
  +1 Nixon Rodrigues
  +1 Russel Anderson
  +1 Sarath Kumar Subramanian
  +1 Vimal Sharma


List of issues addressed in this release:

Git tag for the release:

Sources for the release:

Source release verification:

      PGP Signature:

      MD5 Hash:

      Keys to verify the signature of the release artifacts are available at:

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