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From Nigel Jones <>
Subject Re: : no server (connection refused)
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2016 15:28:56 GMT

> Just to share experience: I generally use the default profile -Pdist to build the atlas
binary. This points to an external instance of Hbase and Solr.
> This “external” instance is just another process that runs on the same machine (my
Mac OS X laptop). I use Hbase 1.1.2 and Solr 5.5.1 (until recently - I was using Solr 5.2.1).
These two require Zookeeper to be running. I generally just use the Zookeeper that comes with
Kafka 0.10. I use Kafka 0.10 if I need to test with external Kafka, but mostly just default
to the embedded one.

> Possibly Linux is behaving differently with Solr etc. Any information / fixes you can
provide about the issue you are facing with Solr / Hbase will help set this up correctly for
other platforms as well.

Thanks - not tried external yet .. (in part as this particular system [a 
CentOS cloud vm] doesn't [yet] have standalone hbase/solr]).

The BerkelyDB version did start up ok & quick start runs successfully

I'll go back to the others later to raise any required defects/changes


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