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From Shwetha Shivalingamurthy <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Atlas version 0.7-incubating
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 05:13:31 GMT
Thanks Justin for verifying

We have used sha512 already. We need to remove glyphicons font. We will
also fix the LICENSE and NOTICE and get back. Thanks!


On 28/06/16, 10:40 AM, "Justin Mclean" <> wrote:

>-1 (binding) until font license clarified.
>The glypicons font is normally a commercially licensed font which is not
>compatible with the Apache license [9], under certain conditions (i.e.
>shipped with bootstrap) it¹s MIT (bottom of same page) but I don¹t see
>that here.
>Also please fix for the next release:
>- the incorrect year in NOTICE
>- missing information from NOTICE
>- missing licenses in LICENSE
>I checked:
>- file names including incubating
>- signatures and hashes correct (although you may consider using sha512
>as well as md5)
>- DISCLAIMER exists
>- NOTICE contains incorrect year, and is also missing information from
>this NOTICE file I think [1][2]
>- LICENSE is missing several things (see below)
>- all Apache licensed source files have headers
>- no unexpected binary files in the source release
>- can compile from source
>These items need to be listed in LICENSE I suggest using the short form
>and a pointer to the license. [10]
>- handbars.js (MIT licensed) [3]
>- animate (MIT licensed) [4]
>- json2 (public domain) [5]
>- font awesome (MIT licensed) [6]
>- font awesome (SIL license) [7]
>- bbs (MIT license) [8]
>Also as mentioned in last review of the incubating release - if these are
>not bundled please remove their licenses from the LICENSE file.
>"The license mentions Berkeley DB Java Edition and ASM but it doesn¹t
>look like these are bundled in the source release. If this is the case
>they should be removed from the source LICENSE file."
>3. ./dashboardv2/public/js/require-handlebars-plugin/js/handlebars.js
>4. ./dashboardv2/public/css/animate.min.css
>5. ./dashboardv2/public/js/require-handlebars-plugin/js/json2.js
>6 ./dashboardv2/public/css/font-awesome.min.css
>7. apache-atlas-sources-0.7-incubating/dashboardv2/public/css/fonts/*
>8. dashboardv2/public/js/require-handlebars-plugin/js/hbs.js
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