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From Shwetha Shivalingamurthy <>
Subject Re: : no server (connection refused)
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 04:59:12 GMT
I use embedded-hbase-solr for local testing , you have to run
conf/ before starting atlas. This works for me on mac laptop

Because of licensing issues, BerkelyDB jar is not packaged anymore in any
of the profiles. So, even if you build with BerkelyDB profile, you have to
copy the BerkelyDB jar manually and its documented in
InstallationSteps.twiki. BerkelyDB profile works as well after copying the


On 28/06/16, 8:58 PM, "Nigel Jones" <> wrote:

>> Just to share experience: I generally use the default profile -Pdist to
>>build the atlas binary. This points to an external instance of Hbase and
>> This ³external² instance is just another process that runs on the same
>>machine (my Mac OS X laptop). I use Hbase 1.1.2 and Solr 5.5.1 (until
>>recently - I was using Solr 5.2.1). These two require Zookeeper to be
>>running. I generally just use the Zookeeper that comes with Kafka 0.10.
>>I use Kafka 0.10 if I need to test with external Kafka, but mostly just
>>default to the embedded one.
>> Possibly Linux is behaving differently with Solr etc. Any information /
>>fixes you can provide about the issue you are facing with Solr / Hbase
>>will help set this up correctly for other platforms as well.
>Thanks - not tried external yet .. (in part as this particular system [a
>CentOS cloud vm] doesn't [yet] have standalone hbase/solr]).
>The BerkelyDB version did start up ok & quick start runs successfully
>I'll go back to the others later to raise any required defects/changes

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