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From Hemanth Yamijala <>
Subject Re: Atlas service scalability
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2016 11:48:26 GMT

Answers inline.


On 1/25/16, 4:56 PM, "Venkata R Madugundu" <> wrote:

>We are evaulating the ways in which Atlas can scale. I am looking for way
>in which I can run multiple instances of Atlas service/runtime for
>horizontal scale (An instance running per node in a cluster). Is this
>possible currently ?

As you note below, the Atlas Service is not currently horizontally scalable. However, the
backends which store the metadata (HBase, Solr etc) can be configured to achieve horizontal

>I went through the Atlas page on 'Fault tolerance and HA'. It clearly says
>"Currently, the Atlas Web service has a limitation that it can only have
>one active instance at a time".  I also went through one post on the
>mailing list related to this with the subject 'Atlas with hbase/solr/kafka'
>which seems to say there can be only one active instance of Atlas service
>at any given point of time with the current state of Atlas implementation.
>So, can you please confirm that my understanding is correct, that for now I
>can only run one active Atlas instance at any given point of time (in other
>words multiple instances of Atlas service cannot be running simultaneously
>in a cluster to achieve horizontal scale). If this is correct, are there
>any interim workarounds to the solution that one can make use of ?

Given the shared state implementation we have, there are no workarounds immediately, I am
afraid. Are you thinking of horizontal scale for the Atlas server because of the load of Metadata
queries from clients? Could you share your use case in some more detail?

>Venkata Madugundu
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