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From Gary Gregg <>
Subject Re: WARNING!:Node Controller not running at the following nodes
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2017 22:12:51 GMT
Hi again Yingyi,
Your alternate instructions worked very well, thank you!  I was able to complete the first
two commands in step 4 of the homework, so I assume that all is well.  I had seen your previous
post with these instructions in the discussion board, but was reluctant to perform them because
the download was not the same one as had been instructed in the assignment.  However, I downloaded
the alternate file and unzipped it to an another location.
Now I seem to have two installations of Asterix on my Ubuntu Linux machine.  I would still
like to fix my other installation, if you have any insight.
Thanks again,Gary

      From: Yingyi Bu <>
 To:; Gary Gregg <> 
 Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 1:32 PM
 Subject: Re: WARNING!:Node Controller not running at the following nodes
Hi Gary,
   Can you attached a zipped file of the directory $MANAGIX_HOME/clusters/local/working_dir/logs?
   In addition, there's a much easier way for you to run AsterixDB on a single Linux or
macOS machine:
   1. Download the file from any of the listing

   2. Unzip the download file. 
       Go to the unzipped directory and run the following script to start AsterixDB:

   3. Now you can use AsterixDB at:

   4. Shutdown AsterixDB:

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 1:20 PM, Gary Gregg <> wrote:

I receive this error when trying to create, or start an Asterix DB instance on a single-machine
INFO: Name:my_asterixCreated:Tue Feb 21 12:07:32 PST 2017Web-Url:
(Tue Feb 21 12:47:49 PST 2017)
WARNING!:Node Controller not running at the following nodes127.0.0.1127.0.0.1
The warning is highlighted with red text here.  I have been following the instructions at AsterixDB
– Introduction, and have encountered no other apparent errors to this point.  Although
I can get the web interface at, it appears that I cannot successful
complete a query.
Any ideas?  Thank you!~ Gary Gregg

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