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From Amer Ahmed <>
Subject Need Help in configuring Managix on MAC
Date Sat, 21 Nov 2015 21:21:26 GMT

I am having trouble configuring password less ssh on my mac. My issue is
that, despite configuring password-less ssh while trying to execute *managix
validate* command it is throwing the following error.

Williams-MBP:~ Guest$ ssh

Last login: Fri Nov 20 23:25:40 2015 from localhost

Williams-MBP:~ Guest$ exit


Connection to closed.

Williams-MBP:~ Guest$ cd ~

Williams-MBP:~ Guest$ mkdir asterix-mgmt

Williams-MBP:~ Guest$ cd asterix-mgmt/

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$ vim ~/.bash_profile

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$ export

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$  export PATH=$PATH:$MANAGIX_HOME/bin

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$ echo "export
MANAGIX_HOME=/Users/Guest/asterix-mgmt" >> ~/.bash_profile

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$ echo "export PATH=$PATH:$MANAGIX_HOME/bin"
>> ~/.bash_profile

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$ vim ~/.bash_profile

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$ managix configure

Williams-MBP:asterix-mgmt Guest$ managix validate

INFO: Environment [OK]

ERROR:  Password-less SSH (from user account: Guest ) not configured for
the following hosts

FATAL: Managix Configuration [ERROR]

As you can observe the password less ssh is configured but still there is
problem in managix validate command.

P.S: I had the same error using the admin account, so tried the guest
account for a change.



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