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From Ashok Raman <>
Subject Version 0.8.7-SNAPSHOT comes back with error on create
Date Sun, 13 Sep 2015 14:03:19 GMT

I am attempting to move to 0.8.7-Snapshot release since I wanted to get
twitter feeds working.
I brought down (the 0.8.6 version) via the stop and shutdown commands.

Set the managix home and path accordingly to the new directory and tried
creating a new instance after the configure command.
The create command fails with:
 ERROR: edu.uci.ics.asterix.event.model.AsterixInstance

No working_dir is created under clusters/local.

So I created one (actually copied the structure from the earlier versions).

and still get the same error.

Have I cleanly stopped or uninstalled the earlier version or is it
interfering with this version?

Thanks for any help,

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