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From "Ian Maxon (Code Review)" <>
Subject Change in incubator-asterixdb-site[asf-site]: Update dev-setup to use IntelliJ instead
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2016 02:28:37 GMT
Ian Maxon has uploaded a new change for review.

Change subject: Update dev-setup to use IntelliJ instead

Update dev-setup to use IntelliJ instead

Change-Id: I888ff0eacf5b3cb6ad7ec002c74f113c6ffcd497
1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/05/1005/1

diff --git a/ b/
index 75642cc..a71d47c 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -45,39 +45,23 @@
     You will now have `$HOME/workspace/asterixdb/`.
-2. Go to the asterixdb folder and install it's artifacts to the local Maven repository by
executing the following commands:
+2. In Intellij, import asterixdb as an existing Maven Project.
+* `File -> New -> Project from existing sources`, or `Import project...' when on a
new install
+* Then, select the 'pom.xml' in the root of the checked out git repository. 
+* The default options for import should suffice, so just click `Next`
+* Also click `Next` when selecting for profiles and versions
+* On the JDK Selection screen, be sure to select a JDK > 1.8, OpenJDK or Oracle is fine.
+* Give IntelliJ some time to import the Maven project and its dependencies
+* Once everything is finished, you should see 'asterixdb' and 'hyracks-fullstack' modules
in the "Project" view.
-        cd asterixdb/
-        mvn install -DskipTests
-3. In Eclipse, import asterixdb as an existing Maven Project.
-* `File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Projects -> Next`
-* Specify the Root directory as `asterixdb` and then click Next until Finish is enabled.
-* If Eclipse tries to install the `m2e` (Maven To Eclipse) connector, let it do so.
-* There might be some plugin errors; however, that is not a big deal. Wait until the job
-* Then, click Finish. Restart Eclipse if asked to do so.
-4. Fix Eclipse's build path to include compile-time generated sources.
-* Right click the project where a red X mark is shown(e.g. `asterix-algebra`. Then resolve
by applying the following:
-  * Right click asterix-algebra. Click Build Path and Configure Build Path. Click Add Folder.
-  * Under the `target -> generated sources`, check the parent folder of the `org` folder
and click OK.
-  * For example, if the directory structure is "target - generated-sources - javacc - org
- apache ...", check the javacc directory and click OK. Then X mark will dissapear.
-* Repeat this step to all projects which show a red X mark except "asterix-fuzzyjoin" and
-* It may be the case that only "asterix-algebra" and "asterix-external-data" will require
these steps.
-* If you see "plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" errors such as this
one - "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.apache.asterix:asterix-test-datagenerator-maven-plugin:0.8.9-SNAPSHOT:generate-testdata
(execution: replace-template-data, phase: process-test-resources)", try to resolve it using
the quick fix feature. You can call this feature by right click on the error and select "quick
fix". And then choose "Mark goal generate-testdata as ignored in Eclipse build in Eclipse
-5. Set up Eclipse code formatting rules
+3. Set up IntelliJ code formatting rules
 * Download files [AsterixCodeFormatProfile.xml](

-* Import profiles into Eclipse
-  * Preferences -> Java -> Code style -> Formatter -> Import -> Select AsterixCodeFormatProfile.xml
-  * Preferences -> Java -> Code style -> Clean up -> Import -> Select AsterixCleanupFormatProfile.xml
-  * Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Save actions -> Perform the selected action
on save -> Format source code
+* Import profiles into IntelliJ
+    * `File -> Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> Java`
+    * Then, click the `Manage...` button
+    * Click `Import` and import the `AsterixCodeFormatProfile.xml` as an Eclipse XML profile.
-6. Lastly, go to the asterixdb folder and execute following command again. This is required
since Eclipse might have cleaned the projects and rebuilt the them without creating all necessary
classes. Currently, some of the class files can be only built using mvn command.
-        cd asterixdb/
-        mvn install -DskipTests

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