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From <>
Subject Filter incoming data by query predicates
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2018 16:19:23 GMT
Hi again!

I am currently trying to make use of the filtering by query predicate example which was discussed
in another thread here ("Build UDF project"), see below:

*connect feed UserFeed to dataset EmpDataset WHERE
testlib#wordDetector(fname) = TRUE;*
start feed UserFeed;

. using the wordDetector UDF found here:

However, the output type of this UDF, as defined in library_descriptor.xml is "ABOOLEAN".
Will it still store the entire record (InputRecordType) in the EmpDataset, or only the boolean
value? And, if I would like to use the records which pass the filtering in wordDetector as
input to another UDF, would I need to change the output type of the UDF? If so, the check
"testlib#wordDetector(fname) = TRUE;*" will not work anymore, due to the output being an entire
record instead of only a boolean.

I appreciate your help!

Best regards,

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