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From Ian Maxon <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache AsterixDB 0.9.4 and Hyracks 0.3.4 (RC1)
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2018 20:33:50 GMT
Here's a summary of all issues addressed in some way for this release,
since last release:

[ASTERIXDB-2397][*DB] Enable build on Java 10
[ASTERIXDB-2397][*DB] Fix sample cluster on Java 10
[ASTERIXDB-2397][*DB] Enable execution on Java 9/10
[ASTERIXDB-2396][LIC] Include netty-all required NOTICEs
[ASTERIXDB-2318] Build dashboard in mvn
[ASTERIXDB-2387][MTD] Prevent Dataset Primary Index Drop
[ASTERIXDB-2377][OTH] Fix JSON of Additional Expressions
[ASTERIXDB-2354][COMP] Partition constraint propagation for binary operators
[ASTERIXDB-2355][SQL] Incorrect error reporting by SQL++ parser
[ASTERIXDB-2358][LIC] Fix asterix-replication packaging
[ASTERIXDB-2347][DOC] Update Configurable Parameters
[ASTERIXDB-2361][HYR] Memory Leak Due to Netty Close Listeners
[ASTERIXDB-2353][HYR][RT][FAIL] Provide complete thread dumps
[ASTERIXDB-2352][FUN] Incorrect leap year handling in duration arithmetic
[ASTERIXDB-2351][COMP] Allow '+' after exponent indicator in double literals
[ASTERIXDB-2343][FUN] Implement to_array(), to_atomic(), to_object()
[ASTERIXDB-2348][COMP] Incorrect result with distinct aggregate
[ASTERIXDB-2346][COMP] Constant folding should not fail on runtime exceptions
[ASTERIXDB-2345][FUN] Fix runtime output type for object_names()
[ASTERIXDB-2340][FUN] Implement object_length(), object_names()
[ASTERIXDB-2334] Fix Range Predicate for Composite Key Search
[ASTERIXDB-2216] Disable flaky test which depends on external site
[ASTERIXDB-1708][TX] Prevent log deletion during scan
[ASTERIXDB-2321][STO] Follow the contract in calls
[ASTERIXDB-2332][RT] Fix concurrency issue with RecordMerge and
[ASTERIXDB-2308][STO] Prevent Race To Allocate Memory Components
[ASTERIXDB-2319][TEST] Split Queries in start-feed Test
[ASTERIXDB-2285][TEST] Increase Poll Time on Test
[ASTERIXDB-2317] Intermittent Failure in Kill CC NCServiceExecutionIT
[ASTERIXDB-2329][MTD] Remove Invalid Find Dataset
[ASTERIXDB-2330][*DB][RT] Add IFunctionRegistrant for dynamic function
[ASTERIXDB-2320][CLUS] Don't delay removing dead node on max heartbeat misses
[ASTERIXDB-2316][STO] Fix Merging Components For Full Merge
[ASTERIXDB-2213] Guard against concurrent config updates
[ASTERIXDB-1952][TX][IDX] Filter logs pt.2
[ASTERIXDB-1280][TEST] JUnit cleanup
[ASTERIXDB-2305][FUN] replace() should not accept regular expressions
[ASTERIXDB-2313][EXT] JSONDataParser support for non-object roots
[ASTERIXDB-2229][OTR] Restore Thread Names in Thread Pool
[ASTERIXDB-2304] Ensure Flush is Finished in FlushRecoveryTest
[ASTERIXDB-2307][COMP] Incorrect result with quantified expression
[ASTERIXDB-2303][API] Fix Supplementary Chars Printing
[ASTERIXDB-2148][FUN] Add init parameter for external UDF
[ASTERIXDB-2301][TX] Fix Abort of DELETE operation
[ASTERIXDB-2074][MVN] Fix manifest metadata
[ASTERIXDB-2302][COMP] Incorrect result with non-enforced index
[ASTERIXDB-2299] Set log type properly during modifications
[ASTERIXDB-2188] Ensure recovery of component ids
[ASTERIXDB-2227][ING] Enabling filitering incoming data in feed
[ASTERIXDB-2296][COMP] proper handling of an optional subfield type
[ASTERIXDB-2291][FUN] Implement if_inf,if_nan,if_nan_or_inf
[ASTERIXDB-2294][FUN] Implement is_atomic()
[ASTERIXDB-2287][SQL] Support SELECT variable.* in SQL++
[ASTERIXDB-2083][COMP][RT][IDX][SITE] Budget-Constrained Inverted index search
[ASTERIXDB-2282][HTTP] Revive HTTP server on unexpected channel drops
[ASTERIXDB-1972][COMP][RT][TX] index-only plan
[ASTERIXDB-2284][CLUS] Ensure Node Failure on Heartbeat Miss
[ASTERIXDB-2271][RT] Remove Result Ref of Aborted Jobs
[ASTERIXDB-2204][STO] Fix implementations and usages of IIndexCursor

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 7:10 PM, Ian Maxon <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Please verify and vote on the latest release of Apache AsterixDB
> The change that produced this release and the change to advance the version are
> up for review on Gerrit:
> The release artifacts are as follows:
> AsterixDB Source
> SHA1:d991d2d825197f73cad015870a5eb014291e03ad
> Hyracks Source
> SHA1:f1d2ad94696ecd03483823e87cd4dcb575bb2894
> AsterixDB NCService Installer:
> SHA1:fbcf4b2452e12f82ed9fee49181d03eae5745068
> The KEYS file containing the PGP keys used to sign the release can be
> found at
> RAT was executed as part of Maven via the RAT maven plugin, but
> excludes files that are:
> - data for tests
> - procedurally generated,
> - or source files which come without a header mentioning their license,
>   but have an explicit reference in the LICENSE file.
> The vote is open for 72 hours, or until the necessary number of votes
> (3 +1) has been reached.
> Please vote
> [ ] +1 release these packages as Apache AsterixDB 0.9.4 and
> Apache Hyracks 0.3.4
> [ ] 0 No strong feeling either way
> [ ] -1 do not release one or both packages because ...
> Thanks!

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