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From Dmitry Lychagin <>
Subject Re: Specification of "Expression" in SQLPP
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2018 17:45:01 GMT

"(" SelectExpression ")" is permitted by the Subquery() production, and Subquery() itself
is one of the alternatives in the ParenthesizedExpression().

What is the compilation issue you were trying to solve?

-- Dmitry
´╗┐On 3/14/18, 11:52 PM, "Mike Carey" <> wrote:

    Not sure, but I don't think this is (nearly) sufficient context/info to 
    see what's going on.  With the current factoring of things, any other 
    place that includes Expression is not going to allow a SelectExpression 
    to appear directly as an Expression.  Your change would - which might be 
    a major change, syntactically, that might lead to a variety of 
    ambiguities.  Without looking at the whole grammar one can't tell.  I 
    would guess that if you look, you may find that you can have a 
    SelectExpression as a query if and only if its enclosed in parentheses, 
    which might be by design to avoid ambiguities. Have a look at that....  
    (Basically, look at the other uses of Expression in the grammar - and/or 
    look to see if "(" SelectExpression ")" is permitted if you follow 
    through the grammar from Expression.
    On 3/14/18 8:59 PM, Xikui Wang wrote:
    > Dear Devs,
    > I'm trying to fix a compilation issue with the subquery in SQLPP and got a
    > question about the specification of "Expression". Here is the current
    > grammar of "Query" and "Expression" in SQLPP:
    > Query::=( Expression | SelectExpression )
    > Expression::=( OperatorExpr | CaseExpr | QuantifiedExpression )
    > I'm wondering why "SelectExpression" is not in the specification of
    > "Expression" but in "Query". When I looked back to the AQL specification, I
    > found that we have:
    > Query::=Expression
    > Expression::=( OperatorExpr | IfThenElse | FLWOGR | QuantifiedExpression )
    > If this specification in SQLPP is not intentionally designed, can we change
    > it to this:
    > Query::=( Expression )
    > Expression::=( OperatorExpr | CaseExpr | QuantifiedExpression |
    > SelectExpression ) ?
    > As the Subquery are handled separately in the parenthesized expression
    > part, the "SelectExpression" here is non-subquery by default.
    > Any thoughts? Thanks!
    > Best,
    > Xikui

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