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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject [DRAFT][REPORT] Apache AsterixDB Jan 2017
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2017 02:03:14 GMT

Here’s a first proposal for a board report - we hope that it will change
based on ongoing release activities.
Other thoughts/additions/concerns?




Apache AsterixDB is a scalable big data management system (BDMS) that
provides storage, management, and query capabilities for large collections
of semi-structured data.


- Development and discussions are active, the community is healthy and
- The activity to make AsterixDB more extensible is ongoing. The BAD (Big
  Active Data) extension of AsterixDB is now maintained in a separate
  repository and relies on available extension points.
- Couchbase is working on another extension that supports a tighter
  integration with Couchbase server.
- SQL++ has been added as a second query language for semi-structured data.
  There is hope that its more familiar syntax can help to increase interest
  in AsterixCB.
- A lot of activity around the first non-incubating release. Most release
  activities are around generating LICENSE and NOTICE files based on
  manually curated and version controlled metadata.


- There are no issues that require the board's attention at this time.

PMC/Committership changes:

Wenhai Li was added as a committer on 2016-10-05.
The last committer added was Wenhai Li on 2016-10-05.
The last PPMC/PMC member added was Michael Blow on 2016-03-28.


AsterixDB graduated from the Incubator on April 20, 2016. The last releases
were on February 26, 2016: AsterixDB 0.8.8-incubating and Hyracks

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