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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Re: [AsterixDB] execution time metric in the HTTP API
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 05:20:46 GMT
I think that the best solution for your use-case would be to add 
result delivery for the query/service API, as
a) this API returns metrics today and
b) it anyway is a missing feature of this API.
I’ve filed an issue for this [1] and started work on it, but it’s 
not quite
done yet …

One of the additional challenges is, that the query/service API 
currently only
supports SQL++ and not AQL. If you need AQL, we would also need to fix 
issue [2].
Which query language do you use (and does it matter for what you are 
trying to



On 3 Dec 2016, at 6:47, Thor Martin Abrahamsen wrote:

> Thanks for your suggestions, Pouria and Till.
> Using the «mode=asynchronous-deferred» returned only the handle, 
> just as I wanted. But I am not getting any metrics with the response. 
> Just the handle. The same goes for the request without the «mode» 
> parameter: I only get the results, not any metrics. Is there a way to 
> get metrics with the API response? Or is it possible to use 
> «mode=asynchronous-deferred» in the web interface?
> The asterixClient worked perfectly, but the execution time returned is 
> calculated in the client, not by AsterixDB (please correct me if I’m 
> wrong Pouria). Ideally I would like the isolated AsterixDB execution 
> time, and don’t consider network delay or client performance. I 
> might try running the client on the same node as the CC :)
> Best regards
> Thor Martin Abrahamsen
> Student @ NTNU
> Tlf. +47 470 78 713
> 2. des. 2016 kl. 20.45 skrev Till Westmann 
> <<>>:
> Hi,
> an alternative to using the client that Pouria suggested would be to 
> add
> "mode=asynchronous-deferred" as an HTTP parameter when talking to the 
> API. In
> that case the query should be evaluated completely and an HTTP 
> response should
> come back - however without the result. Instead the response should 
> contain a
> handle where you could pick up the query result (which you could 
> choose not to
> do).
> I'm using "should" a lot, as I haven't used this feature for a while, 
> and so my
> recollection of what it does might be buggy or outdated.
> Cheers,
> Till
> On 2 Dec 2016, at 11:16, Pouria Pirzadeh wrote:
> You may find the following client useful.
> It works against the HTTP, runs query workload for one or more 
> iterations
> and dumps the response time per query/iteration in a stats file.
> Pouria
> On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 10:45 AM, Thor Martin Abrahamsen 
> <
> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to get the execution time metric in the HTTP API?
> I’m running some queries and are interested in the execution time. 
> In the
> web interface the duration is printed below the results, but I want 
> the
> queries to execute without printing the results. Either in the web
> interface, or through the API. The specific query is iterating through 
> a
> dataset and applying a library function on each record.
> I am working on a student project together with Heri.
> Mvh.
> Thor Martin Abrahamsen
> Student @ NTNU
> Tlf. +47 470 78 713

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