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From Steven Jacobs <>
Subject Re: Metadata Dependencies
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2016 18:40:11 GMT
I lean towards B as well. The interesting question is how to succinctly
store the dependency field information in this catalog, i.e. I have these
fields which correspond to the primary key fields of this other metadata

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016, Mike Carey <> wrote:

> Got it.  IMO option B) is probably "better" in the sense that it seems
> "safer" and "more transparent".  With A) not much might be known about why
> those catalog entries are there, assuming a generic notion of "entity", and
> there's always the potential for a buggy extension to forget to delete a
> dependency and therefore force the non-deletion of a given dataverse.  With
> B) you know what the issue is - the supposed existence of a metadata
> dataset - and you have the possible recourse of verifying the existence of
> such a dataset.  (E.g., if a buggy extension drops its dataset but forgets
> to update this registry, you can at least discover manually that the
> dataset is already gone.)  Maybe not a big deal, but....
> On 10/12/16 3:11 PM, Steven Jacobs wrote:
>> Yes, "catalog" would be the better word here. Thanks for the
>> clarification.
>> Steven
>> On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 12:38 PM, Mike Carey <> wrote:
>> I assume that by "index" you really mean "catalog" (as opposed to index in
>>> the physical sense)?  I.e., your two proposals are about a possible
>>> additional metadata dataset in support of extension dependency
>>> management?
>>> On 10/12/16 9:47 AM, Steven Jacobs wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>> I am trying to get feedback from the group in general about how best to
>>>> add
>>>> Metadata Dependencies, particularly in the context of extensions. The
>>>> functionality that is needed is as follows:
>>>> *When dropping a metadata entity A (e.g. a dataverse), first check
>>>> whether
>>>> A has any metadata entities that depend on it. Then allow these entities
>>>> two options:*
>>>> *1) block: don't drop A while this dependent entity exists*
>>>> *2) chain: when dropping A, drop this dependent entity as well.*
>>>> One issue to keep in mind here is that with extensions, Asterix will not
>>>> currently know about metadata datasets added by extensions.
>>>> So far we have two proposals for this issue:
>>>> A) Metadata dependency index. When you create an entity that depends on
>>>> another, add an entry to this index. Check this index when dropping an
>>>> entity.
>>>> B) Metadata data set index. All Metadata datasets would be registered in
>>>> this index, and then we can query them as needed when dropping an
>>>> entity.
>>>> In this case we would need some way to specify which fields in these
>>>> datasets represent dependencies in order to query them properly.
>>>> We would like any feedback on these two solutions or proposals for
>>>> alternate solutions.
>>>> Steven

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