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From Michael Carey <>
Subject Re: Trio: AsterixDB, Spark and Zeppelin.
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2016 23:41:14 GMT

Thanks!  That helps a lot.  Now what we need to know (possibly above 
your pay grade :-)) is what the timetable is for UCLA (i) wanting to get 
the results of your assessment of how well what's there works and meets 
their needs and (ii) wanting to put stuff into production (and at what 
scale).  I don't anticipate the review and merging taking forever, but 
this will be Wail's first AsterixDB code contribution - last I knew he 
was addressing initial reviewing comments (and I'm not sure if all 
reviews are done yet) - but I think we next need to ask 
UCLA/Sean/Amarnath for the timetable info.



On 8/10/16 1:33 PM, Coakley, Kevin wrote:
> Mike,
> UCLA wanted a way to do use Spark’s Machine Learning packages with data stored in AsterixDB.
We started looking at the Spark connector as way to access the data in AsterixDB directly
instead of having to export the data from AsterixDB to a file and import the file in Spark.
I don’t know how this is fits into Amarnath’s projects, I was just following up on a request
from UCLA to see what would be involved in providing this Spark connector to others.
> The current status is: I have the Spark connector working in a test environment with
the queries provided by Wail. I was planning on loading a small amount of data into the test
AsterixDB server with the Schema Inferencer code and running my own queries, but I have not
had time yet. The issue with providing others with access to the Spark connector is the version
of AsterixDB that we are running that contains the Twitter data does not have the Schema Inferencer
code and therefor will not work with the Spark connector.
> I don’t believe SDSC would want to update the AsterixDB servers that contain the Twitter
data with the Schema Inferencer code until after it has been approved by you and merged into
the master branch. However, even after the Schema Inferencer code has been merged into the
master branch, we wouldn’t have it ready of people to use right away.
> I offered to load a small subset of the data from our main servers into my test environment
that has a working Spark connector for UCLA to test, but it sounds like they misunderstood
my offer.
> I would be happy to help you test the Schema Inferencer and Spark connector if you have
specific items that you want me to check, I can also give others that you select access to
test environment so they can run tests themselves. Otherwise, I will respond here if I discover
any issues.
> My current test environment is Zeppelin with the Spark connector on server A, AsterixDB
with the Schema Inferencer code on server B and a Spark 1.6.0 cluster running on servers C,
D and E.
> -Kevin
> On 8/10/16, 9:36 AM, "Mike Carey" <> wrote:
>      Kevin,
>      Q:  Could you chime back in here - please 'cc' the user list - with a
>      brief (maybe one paragraph) summary of what you are actually trying to
>      do at the moment and what its current status is?  (And your timeframe,
>      etc.?)
>      My impression until yesterday was that you were slowly/leisurely
>      exploring the new Spark connector to AsterixDB that Wail worked on -
>      essentially as his first "beta" user - and that things were moving at
>      the pace you wanted (and were setting).  As an early adopter, I was also
>      under the impression that you were using his branch for your
>      explorations, while he was addressing code review comments, etc.
>      However, when I arrived back home in OC after a trip yesterday, I was
>      the recipient of a message (via a back channel) warning me that there
>      was a blocking issue at SDSC that UCI wasn't being attentive to, one
>      that had AsterixDB on the brink being given up on by the UCLA folks, and
>      that we'd better get on it or....  (Meanwhile I had not heard any such
>      thing from UCLA directly; I was not aware of any blocking Spark issues
>      for SDSC nor of any transitively blocking implications for UCLA, and it
>      still doesn't look from what I see below like there was one.)
>      I think that we need to have SDSC's activities be much more visible here
>      - likewise for UCLA's - so that the Apache AsterixDB community has much
>      better visibility into the goals, activities, progress, and problems of
>      our early adopters.  The community wants users to be successful!  It
>      will be much more effective (and healthy and productive) if we all know
>      what's going on and it is clear to all how each of those things are going.
>      Thanks!
>      Mike
>      On 8/10/16 8:36 AM, Wail Alkowaileet wrote:
>      > Hi Kevin,
>      >
>      > Cool!
>      > Please let me know if you need any assistance.
>      >
>      > On Aug 8, 2016 1:42 PM, "Coakley, Kevin" <> wrote:
>      >
>      >> Hi Wail,
>      >>
>      >> I figure out the problem, AsterixDB was configured for The
>      >> notebook at
>      >> connector/blob/master/zeppelin-notebook/asterixdb-spark-example/note.json
>      >> ran successfully once I recreated the AsterixDB instance to use the
>      >> external IP.
>      >>
>      >> I have not ran any of my own queries but I did get both of the examples
>      >> to run
>      >> successfully.
>      >>
>      >> Thank you!
>      >>
>      >> -Kevin
>      >>
>      >>
>      >>
>      >> On 8/3/16, 10:23 AM, "Wail Alkowaileet" <> wrote:
>      >>
>      >>      One more thing:
>      >>      Can you paste your cluster configuration as well?
>      >>
>      >>      Thanks
>      >>
>      >>     (ETC ETC ETC deleted)

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