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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Re: Cluster XML files
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 15:36:33 GMT
Is there a conceptual or lifecycle reason to put a parameter in one or the
other file? I really would like to understand why we have 2 files and what
the difference is. I think that one hint might be what Ian just mentioned,
that the parameters in asterix-configuration.xml can be modified (with a
restart?) and the other ones cannot. Is that right?

On 29 Jun 2016, at 7:56, Ian Maxon wrote:

> Managix sort of splices the cluster.xml with the existing
> asterix-configuration.xml to produce a new asterix-configuration.xml that
> then gets put into the asterix-app jar inside of asterix-server. The user
> has to know about the base asterix-configuration.xml because that is where
> you change some important memory parameters. You can also edit it without
> deleting the cluster itself (managix alter).
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 1:05 AM, Chris Hillery <>
> wrote:
>> My understanding of how Managix-based deployment currently works is as
>> follows:
>>   - User composes a cluster.xml
>>   - Managix consumes this and produces an asterix-configuration.xml, which
>> contains some of the same data as cluster.xml as well as some things
>> derived from that data (such as composing the <iodevices> directories with
>> the <store> subdirectory name to produce <storeDirs>)
>>   - Managix places both the original cluster.xml and the generated
>> asterix-configuration.xml onto the CLASSPATH of the NCs and CCs
>>   - The user is never directly aware of asterix-configuration.xml, and
>> certainly does not edit it in the normal course of operation
>> Is this an accurate summary?
>> Ceej
>> aka Chris Hillery

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