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From Ian Maxon <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache AsterixDB (0.8.8-incubating) and Hyracks (0.2.17-incubating) (RC1)
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2016 02:28:27 GMT
Hi everyone,

Please verify and vote on the second Apache AsterixDB release (this
time with binaries!)
This candidate addresses the comments from RC0. (changes from comments
are detailed in the post-script)

The tags to be voted on are:

commit: a2389dd79543cea4b06474310065ea3018072c54


commit: 3945f24ea72908e8ded1a56c712de097a09e6d01

The artifacts, md5s, and signatures are (for each artifact), at:

AsterixDB Source


AsterixDB Hyracks Source


AsterixDB Managix Installer


AsterixDB YARN Installer


Additionally, staged maven repositories are (respectively) available



The KEYS file containing the PGP keys used to sign the release can be
found at

RAT was executed as part of Maven via the RAT maven plugin, but
excludes files that are:

- data for tests 
- procedurally generated,
- or source files which come without a header mentioning their license,
  but have an explicit reference in the LICENSE file.

The vote is open for 72 hours, or until the necessary number of votes
(3 +1) has been reached.

Please vote
[ ] +1 release these packages as Apache AsterixDB 0.8.8-incubating and
Apache AsterixDB Hyracks 0.2.17-incubating
[ ] 0 No strong feeling either way
[ ] -1 do not release one or both packages because ...


P.S. Here are the changes (in English rather than a diff) based on
Ate's comments from RC0:

> *
> - Why not also use "apache-" prefix for the asterix source release as
> well?
>    And shouldn't the latter be called asterixdb- instead of asterix-
> ?

Good point. This is fixed now. 

> *
> - DISCLAIMER file claims this to be about "hyracks-server" (correct)
>    The NOTICE file says "Apache AsterixDB" (not incorrect, but not
> the same).
>    Why not use "Apache AsterixDB hyracks-server" for both?

NOTICE is now changed to be a bit more specific. The discrepancy is
down to the tooling (maven vs by hand :) ) 

> - Appended content to LICENSE file lists Apache Licensed 3rd party
> artifacts.
>    While not wrong, ASL 2.0 licensed embedded 3rd party artifacts do
> not require
>    to be mentioned in the LICENSE file, so better be left out in the
> future.
>    (@Ian, I might have set you on the wrong foot for this specific
> case through
>    our separate discussions, sorry)

No worries, these are now removed.

> - LICENSE file points to lib/junit-4.11.jar but lib/junit-4.8.1.jar
> is bundled.
>    -&gt; this should be fixed.

Good catch, I didn't expect the version to be different. Done. 

> *
> - Wrong NOTICE and LICENSE files embedded!
>    Looks like these files are from/for asterix-installer?
>    This assembly needs its own NOTICE and LICENSE file!
>    -&gt; this must be fixed

This artifact is now removed actually. After a little discussion we
figured it'd be safe to remove. 

> * asterix-app-0.8.8-incubating.jar
> - Appended content in the LICENSE file incorrectly points to source
> locations
>    like src/main/resources/webui/static/js/jquery.min.js instead of
> distribution
>    locations like webui/static/js/jquery.min.js.
>    -&gt; this should be fixed


> * asterix-installer-0.8.8-incubating.jar
> - Appended content in the LICENSE file for Apache Hadoop, which is
> ASL 2.0
>    licensed and thus unnecessary to reference (see above).
Also fixed.
> *
> - LICENSE and NOTICE file mostly look good, but are missing coverage
> for
>    additional 3rd party artifacts under the embedded lib/ folder.

I double checked this- I did include at least some of the dependencies
in lib/ and .installer/ . Am I missing more? The way I concatenated
them together (same entry but with two paths) might be unclear but I am
unsure of how else to do it.

> - Also note again the unnecessary references to ASL 2.0 licensed
> embedded
>    artifacts in the LICENSE file.


> *
> - Wrong LICENSE and NOTICE files embedded.
>    These seems to be copied from asterix-installer. asterix-server
> needs its
>    own NOTICE and LICENSE files.
>    -&gt; this must be fixed

It is indeed derivative, but I suppose I was so used to staring at the
paths, that I forgot to remove the prefix :)
> * asterix-yarn-0.8.8-incubating.jar
> - Appended content in the LICENSE file referencing 3rd party
> resources which
>    are not in asterix-yarn at all (copy/paste error?)
>    -&gt; this should be fixed/cleaned up

Done, removed the appended license content.

> *
> - Wrong LICENSE and NOTICE files embedded.
>    These seems to be copied from asterix-installer.
>    While asterix-yarn and asterix-installer share many/most embedded
> artifacts,
>    the lib/ folder in asterix-yarn contains different (and more)
> other artifacts
>    which also need to been covered by the LICENSE and NOTICE file.
>    -&gt; this must be fixed

This should also be fixed now.

> * Not needed (empty) artifacts (also their -sources variants).
>    Consider skipping these through maven-deploy-plugin configuration:
> - hyracks-documentation-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-integration-tests-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-am-bloomfilter-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-am-btree-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-am-lsm-btree-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-am-lsm-common-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-am-lsm-invertedindex-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-am-lsm-rtree-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-am-rtree-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - hyracks-storage-common-test-0.2.17-incubating.jar
> - asterix-doc-0.8.8-incubating.jar
> - asterix-server-0.8.8-incubating.jar

All of these except asterix-server are not deployed now. (along with
some others that were less than necessary). The only one in that list
that is still deployed is asterix-server, as I wasn't quite sure how to
not deploy the jar but still deploy the assembled binary.
> * hyracks piglet, textclient, texthelper and tpchclient artifacts.
> - None of these have a hyracks- nor asterixdb- prefix in their name.
>    While not strictly required, this is not a good practice.
>    Preferably these artifacts should have a (apache-)(asterixdb-
> )hyracks- prefix
>    in their artifactId.
>    See:
> ing
>    and:
> practice-naming
> - Furthermore their Maven project name also better be given a
>    (asterixdb-)hyracks- prefix.
>    The latter will help to get more explicit wording in the generated
> NOTICE and
>    DISCLAIMER files.
>    For example the DISCLAIMER for textclient current contains:
>      textclient is an effort undergoing incubation at the Apache
> Software
>      Foundation (ASF), sponsored by the Apache Incubator PMC.
>    which is not at all indicative which project this artifact belongs
> to or
>    comes from.
> * asterix lexer-generator and record-manager-generator maven plugins
> - As with the hyracks examples above these do not have asterixdb- in
> their name,
>    same comments apply as above.

I held off on fixing this for now (except at the top-level). 

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