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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Re: Sporadic test failures
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 02:15:43 GMT

2 bugs are fixed an 3 are still open: : Sporadic 
BufferCache cleaner thread NPE during test runs : Sporadic test 
failure "No mapping found for id" : Sporadic test 
failures in nested-open-index test

I guess that the current owners of the bugs wouldn’t mind if somebody 
volunteered to take a bug from them.
So, if you’d like to look into a bug, I think that it would be good if 
you checked with the current owner and - if he agrees - assigned the bug 
to your self.
In any case, if you work on a bug, please mark it as “in progress”, 
so that others can see that you stared to work on in and don’t step on 
your feet (or do duplicate work).


On 12 Nov 2015, at 10:41, Till Westmann wrote:

> Just as a follow-up: I’ve marked tagged these issue and increased 
> their priority in JIRA.
> Cheers,
> Till
> On 11 Nov 2015, at 10:32, Till Westmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> there are a number of issues that seem to cause sporadic test 
>> failures that impact everybody.
>> These are the issues:
>> I think that we should resolve them as fast as possible (as in 
>> “start working on it today” :) ).
>> If you are the assignee of one of those issues and are not able to 
>> work on it right away, please say so.
>> Cheers,
>> Till

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