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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Re: JIRA issues
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 00:04:19 GMT

this time we went through the unassigned issues from 844-663.
Also we went through all issues that were imported as “Closed” with 
a label “FixedInBranch" as those are actually not done. Most of them 
were re-opened.


On 21 Sep 2015, at 16:44, Till Westmann wrote:

> Hi,
> there was another session today and we went through issues 977-852 
> today.
> The request from last week also applies to this week :)
> Cheers,
> Till
> On 14 Sep 2015, at 14:55, Till Westmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> as you might have realized (by the huge influx of JIRA e-mails :) ) a 
>> few of us (Mike, Ian, Yingyi, Murtadha, and I) went through the 
>> issues 1088 - 978 today and assigned some components, priorities, and 
>> owners. We did this to re-gain some of the information that was lost 
>> during the import from Google Code and to get a better handle on the 
>> outstanding issues.
>> Obviously our categorizations and assignments are more or less 
>> educated guesses and not necessarily “right”.
>> So, please double-check what we did and check/fix these changes 
>> (especially for the issue that are assigned to you right now). Please
>> a) mark issues as fixed (and put the commit id into the comment) if 
>> they are fixed and
>> b) re-assign issues that you think shouldn’t be assigned to you as 
>> soon as possible.
>> Thanks!
>> Till

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