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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Re: AsterixDB command line access
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2015 05:03:24 GMT
Hi Max,

If you have ssh-access to the cluster you could also tunnel the web 
interface port (usually 19001) on the cluster machine that hosts 
AsterixDB's cluster controller to your machine using ssh.
Of course that's only an option if the web interface works for you 


On 7 Sep 2015, at 16:09, Mike Carey wrote:

> We have an HTTP-based API you could use - with curl - not a great 
> answer - broadening the discussion to see if anyone on the dev list 
> can offer you what they use.  (We need to add a nicer command line 
> interface at some point.)
> Random side comment:  Hopefully you are doing this by translating from 
> Algebricks physical plans to the Flink runtime?  (That would be the 
> cleanest place to redirect queries, I would think, to be against Flink 
> instead of against Hyracks.)
> Cheers,
> Mike
> On 9/7/15 2:03 AM, wrote:
>> Hello AsterixDB group,
>> I am a student currently working on a diploma thesis to execute AQL 
>> on
>> Apache Flink. Therefor I did setup AsterixDB on a cluster.
>> My problem is, that I am not in the same network as the cluster and 
>> only
>> have remote command line access, so I cannot reach Asterix's web
>> interface. I am sure it is possible to run queries via command line, 
>> too,
>> but I could not find anything on that topic on your official 
>> documentation
>> page. Do you have any document you can link me to, that provides a 
>> basic
>> explanation how to work with AsterixDB without the web interface?
>> Best Regards,
>> Max Schultze

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