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From Murtadha Hubail <>
Subject Re: Change in hyracks[master]: This change fixes the sporadic connection refused errors aft...
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2015 03:50:34 GMT
Can we get this change merged?

I wasted 2 days trying to debug a test case failure that happens on the server and doesn’t
happen on my machine.

Turns out because I added a couple of logging messages for datasets memory allocation and
deallocation, the NC was taking more time to register with the CC and the query is submitted
before the cluster is active. I couldn’t figure out the reason right away because the returned
error message is not formatted in JSON, which triggered another bug that raises a JSON format
exception instead of the actual error message.


> On Sep 14, 2015, at 3:36 PM, Till Westmann (Code Review) <>
> Till Westmann has posted comments on this change.
> Change subject: This change fixes the sporadic connection refused errors after managix
starts up an Asterix instance. This can mostly be seen during asterix-installer tests. The
fix basically lets managix wait and listens through zookeeper for a signal from the cluster
> ......................................................................
> Patch Set 3: Code-Review+2
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