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From Eldon Carman <>
Subject Re: Commit message proposal
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2015 20:26:11 GMT
I like the proposal. This will be helpful when got and Jira are linked. 

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> On Sep 17, 2015, at 1:14 PM, Chris Hillery <> wrote:
> At Couchbase, we have a commit message standard which has proven useful.
> All git commit messages must start with a short one-line summary of no more
> than 60 characters or so. Then a blank line, followed by additional
> details, specifics, etc. all on lines of no more than 72 characters. If
> it's a simple enough change that the one-line summary is all you need,
> that's fine too.
> Additionally, if the commit is for a specific ticket, that ticket number
> must be at the beginning of the summary line, followed by a colon. FYI our
> tickets in Jira are named eg. ASTERIXDB-1097. So, for example:
> ------
> ASTERIXDB-1097: Fix threading in printers
> Replace static data member with a safe thread-local instance to
> avoid data corruption.
> ------
> This really helps in tracking git history - there are several commands
> which will only display the first line of a commit message, for instance,
> so having it be self-contained makes it much easier to read. You may also
> have noticed that Gerrit uses that first line for the subjects of emails it
> sends out. Also, by including the ticket name, we can easily configure
> Gerrit to provide a hyperlink to the ticket to make things easier to review.
> Here's a blog post which goes into excruciating detail about commit
> messages:
> Ceej
> aka Chris Hillery

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