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From "Yingyi Bu (Code Review)" <>
Subject Change in hyracks[master]: Add support for persistent local resources to IndexLifecycle...
Date Sat, 29 Aug 2015 01:19:27 GMT
Yingyi Bu has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: Add support for persistent local resources to IndexLifecycleManager

Patch Set 2:


I leave some comments in the code based on my understanding.  But I could be wrong. Just correct
me if I'm wrong:-)
File hyracks/hyracks-storage-am-common/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/hyracks/storage/am/common/api/

Line 34:     public boolean supportsPersistentLocalResources();
s/supports/support ?

Add some comments to clarify what does supportPersistentLocalResources() mean?
Does it mean all the resource look-ups will be based on names if that returns true?

It looks all methods are duplicated...
Could the parameter be "ResourceHandle", where internally, a ResourceHandle can contain a
string and long? Then,  at runtime, if the long presents, use it to lookup, otherwise (or
the long id doesn't find anything) use the string.
File hyracks/hyracks-storage-am-common/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/hyracks/storage/am/common/api/

Line 27:             Object resource, IHyracksTaskContext ctx) throws HyracksDataException;
Why "Object resource" is necessary here?
It seems they are never used in the implementations?
(It is a problem of the old code though..)
File hyracks/hyracks-storage-am-lsm-btree/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/hyracks/storage/am/lsm/btree/dataflow/

Line 66:                     index = lcManager.getIndex(file.getFile().getPath());
Could the method be moved up to the super class?
It looks this code is duplicated in several External*TreeDataflowHelper classes:
ExternalBTreeDataflowHelper, ExternalBTreeWithBuddyDataflowHelper, and

Also, why only those External*TreeDataFlowHelpers have this change?
How about other *DataflowHelpers?

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