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From "Young-Seok Kim (Code Review)" <>
Subject Change in hyracks[master]: Make LSM bulkload append-only and write-once.
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2015 04:53:46 GMT
Young-Seok Kim has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: Make LSM bulkload append-only and write-once.

Patch Set 17:


I went over all files and left comments. 
Please address them.
File hyracks/hyracks-storage-am-lsm-invertedindex/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/hyracks/storage/am/lsm/invertedindex/impls/

Line 819:             //component.getInvIndex().create();
let's remove this

Line 900:     }
This method is no-op:
So, either remove or do no-op literally.
File hyracks/hyracks-storage-am-rtree/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/hyracks/storage/am/rtree/frames/

Line 40:     public static final int childPtrSize = 4;
Why is this public?

Line 192:     }
This one is very similar to the existing method above and seems to be easily factored out
by having a private function.
File hyracks/hyracks-storage-am-rtree/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/hyracks/storage/am/rtree/impls/

Line 1038:                 //queue.offer(;
should go away

Line 1067:             if (toRoot && !propagated && level < nodeFrontiers.size()
- 1) {
checking propagated is useless since propagated is always false if toRoot is true.
File hyracks/hyracks-storage-common/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/hyracks/storage/common/buffercache/

Line 41:         this.maxAllowedNumPages = new AtomicInteger(maxAllowedNumPages);
why there are two maxAllowedNumPages? Both of them don't change the value initially assigned.

Line 81:         if (maxAllowedNumPages.get() == 0)
When this value can be 0?

Line 102:             clockPtr.set(clockPtr.incrementAndGet() % (numPages.get()-1));
what is this -1 for?

Line 118:     }
When is addPage used instead of allocatePage()?
What the usage difference between the two methods?

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