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From Ian Maxon <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] Git issues
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2015 21:34:12 GMT
In regard to the original issue in this thread, it's OK to pull from
whatever repo you wish now without fear of having to reset. I pushed
the merge fix to Gerrit and it seems to be working fine.

However there's one lingering issue that I see a few people have run
into, an unintentional feature of some testing I was doing to make
sure this fix wouldn't make Gerrit freak out. If you're still pulling
from Google Code as your origin (which is very bad, because it's going
read-only at the end of the month), you'll probably see a message like
this if you try to submit a change:

>remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (134/134)
>remote: Processing changes: refs: 1, done
>remote: ERROR:  In commit a054ac0d342b94ab007321662696f29e9a7f8062
>remote: ERROR:  committer email address
>remote: ERROR:  does not match your user account.
>remote: ERROR:
>remote: ERROR:  The following addresses are currently registered:
>remote: ERROR:   ...
>remote: ERROR:
>remote: ERROR:  To register an email address, please visit:
>remote: ERROR:
>To ssh://
> ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/for/master (invalid committer)

The reason for this is that the Google Code repository got the testing
version of this change, so when you apply that into your master and
then try to push it to Gerrit where it doesn't exist, Gerrit thinks it
is part of your change.

The fix to this is quite simple, just change your origin to Github's
apache/incubator-asterixdb mirror of the ASF repository, and reset
your local master to reflect the commits that are there.


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