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From Ian Maxon <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] Git issues
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2015 22:47:14 GMT
Hi Jochen,

We use Gerrit as a code review platform. It works pretty well I would
say. The way we had it set up at one point pre-incubation (which was
preferable, and AFAIK impossible in ASF) was that nobody could
directly commit to the "reference" repository. It had to go through
Gerrit, and be reviewed and verified, and then submitted. The reason
for this mixup is that now folks have to take the commits from Gerrit,
and submit them to the ASF repo outside of Gerrit, instead of it being
a commit hook. As with anything git, this part is kind of like working
with a loaded gun. We have a script that makes this easier and less
error-prone, but there's a corner case apparently where where one can
submit things that aren't actually verified in Gerrit (or the script
wasn't used, not sure which).

- Ian

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 3:33 PM, Jochen Wiedmann
<> wrote:
> Hi, Ian,
> the information that I read from your mail is that there are currently
> two Git repositories in use: One being the "official apache
> repository", the other being the repository with the "Gerrit master
> branch".
> Is that impression correct? If so, what are the reasons? And what can
> we do to fix that?
> Thanks,
> Jochen
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 9:01 PM, Ian Maxon <> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> If you haven't pulled from
>> (i.e. asterixdb's official apache repository) lately, please don't
>> until you get an email giving the all-clear. Same goes for submitting
>> and merging patches from Gerrit. Something inadvertently got committed
>> to the head of the ASF master branch, which does not exactly agree
>> with the head of Gerrit's master branch, so they are diverged at the
>> moment.
>> Additionally, if in your AsterixDB repository, 'git rev-parse
>> asf/master' returns c66d23a5ac65ec5218ee47134aea423fd62a32cc , please
>> reply to this so we know who might be affected. This means you have
>> the latest from the ASF repository- which we may have to force-push
>> and overwrite the latest commit from.
>> Thanks,
>> -Ian
> --
> Any world that can produce the Taj Mahal, William Shakespeare,
> and Stripe toothpaste can't be all bad. (C.R. MacNamara, One Two Three)

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