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From Heri Ramampiaro <>
Subject Re: Tasks remaining for release
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2015 07:30:37 GMT
Should the changes I proposed be pushed too?


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On Jul 21, 2015, at 6:02 PM, Ian Maxon <> wrote:

>> Cool.  And feed testing/stability?
> As far as the build is concerned, with the tests disabled it is not a
> "fire" like it was. There's still likely resource leaks, but it's not
> clear why and how severe they are (and whether or not they have
> anything to do with feeds, or that's just what provoked them). I don't
> know if Raman is actively investigating that or not. Heri was able to
> use it, so it is hopefully stable in that sense. It would probably be
> good to get his patches regarding Feeds merged in before release,
> assuming there's no issues with them.
> - Ian
>> On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 2:55 PM, Mike Carey <> wrote:
>> Cool.  And feed testing/stability?
>> We also need to have docs for the new stuff (feeds 2.0, external
>> data/indexing 2.0, nested/open indexing 1.0, semistructured functions 0.8,
>> ...).
>>> On 7/19/15 2:12 PM, Ian Maxon wrote:
>>> I think we basically have everything that was on this checklist merged
>>> or ready to be merged. After the Metadata stuff is merged, all that's
>>> left is the package change.
>>> -Ian
>>>> On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 7:34 AM, Mike Carey <> wrote:
>>>> Q: Any progress (e.g., @Raman) on feed/build stability?
>>>> What's still on our short list to do for the first release, in terms of
>>>> being code complete?
>>>> (I know I owe reviews of Ildar's user-visible changes.)
>>>> We'll also need to run the old traditional "Pouria torture tests" for an
>>>> extended period of time.
>>>>> On 7/2/15 6:42 PM, Ian Maxon wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> We are close to having a release ready, but there's a few things left
>>>>> on the checklist before we can cut the first Apache release. I think
>>>>> most things on this list are underway, but I'll put them here just for
>>>>> reference/visibility. Comments and thoughts are welcomed.
>>>>> - Build stability after merging YARN and Feeds seems to have seriously
>>>>> declined. It's hard to get a build to go through to the end without
>>>>> going OOM at all now honestly, so this is a Problem. I think it may be
>>>>> related to Feeds, but even after disabling the tests
>>>>> (, I still see it.
>>>>> Therefore I am not precisely sure what is going on, but it only
>>>>> started to happen after we merged those two features. It's not exactly
>>>>> obvious to me where the memory leak is coming from. @Raman, it would
>>>>> be great to get your advice/thoughts on this.
>>>>> - Metadata name changes and Metadata caching consistency fixes are
>>>>> underway by Ildar.
>>>>> - The repackaging and license checker patches still need to be merged
>>>>> in, but this should happen after the above two features are merged.
>>>>> They are otherwise ready for review though.
>>>>> - Now that Feeds is merged, the Apache website should be changed to
>>>>> the new version that has been in draft form for a few weeks now.
>>>>> Before it may have been a little premature, but now it should be
>>>>> accurate. The documentation site should also be reverted to its prior
>>>>> state, before it was quickly patched to serve as an interim website.
>>>>> If there's anything else I am missing that should be in this list,
>>>>> please feel free to add it into this thread.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> -Ian

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