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From "Till Westmann" <>
Subject Re: June 2015 Report
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2015 04:15:01 GMT
I've added a proposal for a report to

This is the content:



Apache AsterixDB is a scalable big data management system (BDMS) that provides
storage, management, and query capabilities for large collections of semi-
structured data.

AsterixDB has been incubating since 2015-02-28.

Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:

  1. Do an Apache release.
  2. Migrate issues from Google Code
  3. Grow community

Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
aware of?

  No, moving steadily.

How has the community developed since the last report?

  Some activity on the users list.
  First interest by developers (but site makes it hard).

How has the project developed since the last report?

  First version of the site is up.
  Development is ongoing.

Date of last release:

  No Releases yet.

When were the last committers or PMC members elected?

  No elected PMC and/or committers


We can still adjust it until Wednesday.


On 29 May 2015, at 23:24, Ted Dunning wrote:

> I don't think that it practically matters.  The way that this works is that
> the quarterly schedule is picked first and then the monthly reports up to
> the first quarterly schedule are filled in.  In boundary cases, it is
> plausible that the first monthly gets missed due to slow starting but the
> quarterly report kicks in on schedule nevertheless.
> Asterixdb is moving along pretty well, and I expect that academics will be
> good at doing reports without a little bit of extra practice so I wouldn't
> worry too much about this.  You are always entirely welcome to do an extra
> report at any time.  Indeed, if there is news, this is a good practice.
> The situation is similar to missed reports for top-level projects.  A
> project that misses a quarterly report is expected to report the next
> month, but this does not reset their quarterly schedule.
> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 4:08 PM, Henry Saputra <>
> wrote:
>> I think we should be on 3-months rotation by now.
>> The podlings.xml for AsterixDB looks like not correct:
>> <reporting group="2" monthly="true">May, June, July</reporting>
>> I could update this one if no one object.
>> - Henry
>> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 12:20 PM, Till Westmann <> wrote:
>>> Dear Mentors,
>>> looking at the reporting schedule [1] and it says that we're on monthly
>> for
>>> May, June, and July. That seems wrong to me, as we already did our status
>>> reports for March [2], April [3], and May [4].
>>> I think that we should be in group 3 and do our first quarterly report
>> for
>>> June.
>>> Is that right?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Till
>>> [1]
>>> [2]
>>> [3]
>>> [4]
>>> On 28 May 2015, at 15:05, Marvin Humphrey wrote:
>>>> Greetings, {podling} developers,
>>>> The "marvin" automated report reminder script didn't fire for whatever
>>>> reason this week, so I'm sending out a bulk reminder manually for the 27
>>>> podlings who are expected to submit a June 2015 report.  Boilerplate
>>>> reminder text below.
>>>> Best,
>>>> Marvin Humphrey
>>>> ---------------
>>>> Dear podling,
>>>> This email was sent by an automated system on behalf of the Apache
>>>> Incubator PMC. It is an initial reminder to give you plenty of time to
>>>> prepare your quarterly board report.
>>>> The board meeting is scheduled for Wed, 17 June 2015, 10:30 am PST.
>>>> The report for your podling will form a part of the Incubator PMC
>>>> report. The Incubator PMC requires your report to be submitted 2 weeks
>>>> before the board meeting, to allow sufficient time for review and
>>>> submission (Wed, June 3rd).
>>>> Please submit your report with sufficient time to allow the incubator
>>>> PMC, and subsequently board members to review and digest. Again, the
>>>> very latest you should submit your report is 2 weeks prior to the board
>>>> meeting.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> The Apache Incubator PMC
>>>> Submitting your Report
>>>> ----------------------
>>>> Your report should contain the following:
>>>> *   Your project name
>>>> *   A brief description of your project, which assumes no knowledge of
>>>> the project or necessarily of its field
>>>> *   A list of the three most important issues to address in the move
>>>> towards graduation.
>>>> *   Any issues that the Incubator PMC or ASF Board might wish/need to be
>>>> aware of
>>>> *   How has the community developed since the last report
>>>> *   How has the project developed since the last report.
>>>> This should be appended to the Incubator Wiki page at:
>>>> Note: This is manually populated. You may need to wait a little before
>>>> this page is created from a template.
>>>> Mentors
>>>> -------
>>>> Mentors should review reports for their project(s) and sign them off on
>>>> the Incubator wiki page. Signing off reports shows that you are
>>>> following the project - projects that are not signed may raise alarms
>>>> for the Incubator PMC.
>>>> Incubator PMC

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