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From Ian Maxon <>
Subject Migration of issues to JIRA
Date Sat, 13 Jun 2015 02:13:06 GMT
Hi all,
So there has been a JIRA issue open for about a month now about
migrating our issues from Google code to JIRA: . Not a lot of
progress has been made on it unfortunately. It is becoming somewhat of
a blocker. We would really like to be able to point people at our JIRA
instance, rather than having to keep limping along with Google Code
issues. I feel like having our activity shown on the JIRA instance
will also make a lot of the work that goes on semi-internally already
more visible to the community. There's also the fact that Google Code
will be read-only in a matter of a few months (8/24).

I see two ways forward with this. One is that we convert the JSON dump
of the Google Code issues into JIRA's format, and INFRA imports that
into the instance. The other is to write a script to insert all the
issues via the JIRA API. I think both are tenable, but there's a few
issues with both.

To import the issues we need Infrastructure's assistance (AFAIK),
because that's an administrative option on the JIRA instance.
Converting the issues themselves is something we can do without
intervention it seems. I believe we could also go forward with loading
the issues via scripting on the API, but the issue with that is I
don't know of any instance we can test the script against, so it'd be
very hard to get perfect the first time. Therefore to me we either
really need the Infrastructure team's assistance, or a potentially
external JIRA instance to play with.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'd be happy to assist with whatever needs to
be done to move this forward.


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