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From Till Westmann <>
Subject Re: Migration of Wiki content
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2015 22:27:46 GMT
I think that the determining factor is where you think it should be put. 

I'm not a big fan of Wikis. I think that they are ok for temporary stuff (status reports,
idea collections, ..). But anything that might be relevant a bit longer, I'd prefer to see
in git. 
But then that's just my opinion (at this point in time :) ), and I'd be fine to have the documents
in a Wiki if that works better for most other people. 
That's why I put numbers into the spreadsheet so that everybody can increment the number for
their preferred option.


> On Apr 19, 2015, at 15:09, Steven Jacobs <> wrote:
> What is the determining factor between the Confluence Wiki and the git
> website?
> Steven
>> On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 10:45 AM, Mike Carey <> wrote:
>> AsterixDB developers:  As was mentioned last week, we are going to
>> migrate (now!) our content from the Coogle code and UCI (grape) wiki worlds
>> into Apache-land.  Till's reference [2] below is a list of all
>> documents/notes that should be moved.  We won't throw out ancient history
>> at UCI, but we needn't move it - we should only move things from grape to
>> Apache that are current/relevant/helpful - and we will soon lose all our
>> Google-resident stuff.
>> PLEASE:  Have a look at the Google doc (reference [2]) and add things to
>> the list that you think need to be added.  @Steven, @Keren, make sure your
>> stuff is there - @Chris, the same for anything you might have created -
>> ditto for others.  Thanks!!  Anything that is not on the list by this
>> coming Friday (4/24) will be deemed unnecessary - and there is surely more
>> that's necessary to preserve than what's listed so far.  Please ask Till
>> and I if you have questions about anything in terms of its relevance.  Thx!
>> Cheers,
>> Mike
>> On 4/14/15 10:05 PM, Till Westmann wrote:
>> Hello,
>> in addition to the migration of code and bugs (which should happen in bulk) we also
need to migrate our Wiki content.
>> So far Wiki content is distributed on 3 Wikis (Hyracks, AsterixDB, and Grape) and
for each page we have up to 4 options
>> 1) leave it where it is (only for Grape)
>> 2) move to the confluence wiki [1]
>> 3) add it to the website that is managed in git
>> 4) abandon the page (maybe some stuff is a little outdated).
>> I’ve created a Google spreadsheet [2] to help with the process. It lists some pages
grouped by Wiki.
>> For pages that are not listed, I suggest to either abandon them (Google Code Wikis)
or leave them as-is (Grape Wiki).
>> For each page that is listed, we can vote for 1 of the 4 options by adding 1 to the
column of the option.
>> I’ve pre-populated the sheet with my votes so far.
>> Please add pages that should be migrated as well and vote for the existing ones.
>> Cheers,
>> Till
>> [1] <> <>
>> [2] <> <>
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