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Subject [34/51] [partial] asterixdb git commit: Continue Cleaning Up File References and Splits
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2016 16:16:33 GMT
diff --git a/hyracks-fullstack/hyracks/hyracks-examples/hyracks-integration-tests/data/cleanednumbereddblptitles.txt
deleted file mode 100644
index 82776fe..0000000
--- a/hyracks-fullstack/hyracks/hyracks-examples/hyracks-integration-tests/data/cleanednumbereddblptitles.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,50 +0,0 @@
-0|real time active range finder using light intensity modulation
-1|strategies for registering range images from unknown camera positions
-2|high resolution ultrafast 3d imaging
-3|optoelectronic dimensional integral inspection of hollow cylinder type articles for conveyor
-4|development of a 3d digitizer for breast surgery procedures
-5|automatic reconstruction of large 3d models of real environments from unregistered data
-6|three line high power three dimensional sensor
-7|9multispectral pattern projection range finder
-8|high speed three dimensional laser sensor
-9|3d range optical sensor analysis of the measurement errors and development of procedures
for their compensation
-10|3d profilometry using a dynamically configurable confocal microscope
-11|examining laser triangulation system performance using a software simulation
-12|effect of sway on image fidelity in whole body digitizing
-13|moly a prototype handheld 3d digitizer with diffraction optics
-14|reconstruction of the surface of the human body from 3d scanner data using 13 splines
-15|reverse engineering using optical 3d sensors
-16|wrapping 3d scanning data
-17|spherical harmonic surface representation with feedback control
-18|efficient free form surface representation with application in orthodontics
-19|real time 3d shape measurement with digital stripe projection by texas instruments micro
mirror devices dmd
-20|multiscale analysis of 3d surface image application to clam shell characterization
-21|multiple structured light system for the 3d measurement of feet
-22|pose and motion estimation using dual quaternion based extended kalman filtering
-23|direct estimation of 3d motion parameters and relative depth using the minimum description
length principle
-24|depth based selective image reconstruction using spatiotemporal image analysis
-25|toward a handheld laser range scanner integrating observation based motion compensation
-26|slicing, fitting, and linking (sfl) a modular triangulation approach
-27|3d object reconstruction from a sequence of images using voxel coloring
-28|3d profiling by optical demodulation with an image intensifier
-29|restoration of broken earthenware using close range photogrammetry and a cad system
-30|real time 3d reconstruction system using cam based highly parallel processing board
-31|novel fully integrated computer system for custom footwear from 3d digitization to manufacturing
-32|reconstruction of complete 3d object model from multiview range images
-33|color digitizing and modeling of free form 3d objects
-34|object modeling in multiple object 3d scene using deformable simplex meshes
-35|robust 3d reconstruction system for human jaw modeling
-36|acquisition of 3d image representation in multimedia ambiance communication using 3d laser
scanner and digital camera
-37|new approach for the modeling and smoothing of scattered 3d data
-38|fast shape from focus using dynamic programming
-39|axi vision camera a three dimensional camera
-40|real time structured light depth extraction
-41|impact of intensity edge map on segmentation of noisy range images
-42|interpolation of ray space data by adaptive filtering
-43|three steps to make shape from shading work consistently on real scenes
-44|robust cooperation concept for low level vision modules
-45|error sensitivity of rotation angles in the icp algorithm
-46|3d surface real time measurement using phase shifted interference fringe technique for
craniofacial identification
-47|automated fudicial labeling on human body data
-48|segmenting 3d surface scan data of the human body by 2d projection
-49|extracting surface area coverage by superimposing 3d scan data
diff --git a/hyracks-fullstack/hyracks/hyracks-examples/hyracks-integration-tests/data/dblp.txt
deleted file mode 100755
index 94ea2ca..0000000
--- a/hyracks-fullstack/hyracks/hyracks-examples/hyracks-integration-tests/data/dblp.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,10 +0,0 @@
-1:books/acm/kim95/AnnevelinkACFHK95:Object SQL - A Language for the Design and Implementation
of Object Databases.:Jurgen Annevelink Rafiul Ahad Amelia Carlson Daniel H. Fishman Michael
L. Heytens William Kent:2002-01-03 42-68 1995 Modern Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#AnnevelinkACFHK95
-2:books/acm/kim95/Blakeley95:OQL[C++]  Extending C++ with an Object Query Capability.:José
A. Blakeley:2002-01-03 69-88 Modern Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#Blakeley95
-3:books/acm/kim95/BreitbartGS95:Transaction Management in Multidatabase Systems.:Yuri Breitbart
Hector Garcia-Molina Abraham Silberschatz:2004-03-08 573-591 Modern Database Systems books/acm/Kim95
db/books/collections/kim95.html#BreitbartGS95 1995
-4:books/acm/kim95/ChristodoulakisK95:Multimedia Information Systems  Issues and Approaches.:Stavros
Christodoulakis Leonidas Koveos:2002-01-03 318-337 1995 Modern Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#ChristodoulakisK95
-5:books/acm/kim95/DayalHW95:Active Database Systems.:Umeshwar Dayal Eric N. Hanson Jennifer
Widom:2002-01-03 434-456 1995 Modern Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#DayalHW95
-6:books/acm/kim95/DittrichD95:Where Object-Oriented DBMSs Should Do Better  A Critique Based
on Early Experiences.:Angelika Kotz Dittrich Klaus R. Dittrich:2002-01-03 238-254 1995 Modern
Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#DittrichD95
-7:books/acm/kim95/Garcia-MolinaH95:Distributed Databases.:Hector Garcia-Molina Meichun Hsu:2002-01-03
477-493 1995 Modern Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#Garcia-MolinaH95
-8:books/acm/kim95/Goodman95:An Object-Oriented DBMS War Story  Developing a Genome Mapping
Database in C++.:Nathan Goodman:2002-01-03 216-237 1995 Modern Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#Goodman95
-9:books/acm/kim95/Kaiser95:Cooperative Transactions for Multiuser Environments.:Gail E. Kaiser:2002-01-03
409-433 1995 Modern Database Systems db/books/collections/kim95.html#Kaiser95
-10:books/acm/kim95/KelleyGKRG95:Schema Architecture of the UniSQL/M Multidatabase System:William
Kelley Sunit K. Gala Won Kim Tom C. Reyes Bruce Graham:2004-03-08 Modern Database Systems
books/acm/Kim95 621-648 1995 db/books/collections/kim95.html#KelleyGKRG95
diff --git a/hyracks-fullstack/hyracks/hyracks-examples/hyracks-integration-tests/data/device0/data/nc1/words.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..81b14ac
--- /dev/null
+++ b/hyracks-fullstack/hyracks/hyracks-examples/hyracks-integration-tests/data/device0/data/nc1/words.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,1000 @@

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