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Subject [10/10] incubator-asterixdb git commit: fix multi-delete statement issue
Date Wed, 20 May 2015 01:25:51 GMT
fix multi-delete statement issue

Change-Id: I32c55e225fb8cc3f164da7029b4c31c26c6e574d
Reviewed-by: Ian Maxon <>
Tested-by: Jenkins <>


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 7de6f4eb80a8bc74a9491b319197c0ca14df8e90
Parents: ccd67fe
Author: Yingyi Bu <>
Authored: Mon May 18 17:02:17 2015 -0700
Committer: Ian Maxon <>
Committed: Tue May 19 18:21:40 2015 -0700

 .../asterix/translator/  |   3 +
 .../delete-multi-statement.1.ddl.aql            | 106 +++++++++++++
 .../delete-multi-statement.2.update.aql         |  41 +++++
 .../delete-multi-statement.3.query.aql          |   5 +
 .../delete-multi-statement.1.adm                | 151 +++++++++++++++++++
 .../src/test/resources/runtimets/testsuite.xml  |   5 +
 6 files changed, 311 insertions(+)
diff --git a/asterix-algebra/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/asterix/translator/ b/asterix-algebra/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/asterix/translator/
index 538b78b..a9576eb 100644
--- a/asterix-algebra/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/asterix/translator/
+++ b/asterix-algebra/src/main/java/edu/uci/ics/asterix/translator/
@@ -52,6 +52,9 @@ public final class TranslationContext {
     public LogicalVariable newVar(VariableExpr v) {
         Integer i = v.getVar().getId();
+        if (i > varCounter.get()) {
+            varCounter.set(i);
+        }
         LogicalVariable var = new LogicalVariable(i);
         varEnv.put(i, var);
         return var;
diff --git a/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.1.ddl.aql b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.1.ddl.aql
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5258bc2
--- /dev/null
+++ b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.1.ddl.aql
@@ -0,0 +1,106 @@
+drop dataverse tpch if exists;
+create dataverse tpch;
+use dataverse tpch;
+create type LineItemType as closed {
+  l_orderkey: int32, 
+  l_partkey: int32, 
+  l_suppkey: int32, 
+  l_linenumber: int32, 
+  l_quantity: int32, 
+  l_extendedprice: double,
+  l_discount: double, 
+  l_tax: double,
+  l_returnflag: string, 
+  l_linestatus: string, 
+  l_shipdate: string,
+  l_commitdate: string, 
+  l_receiptdate: string, 
+  l_shipinstruct: string, 
+  l_shipmode: string, 
+  l_comment: string
+create type OrderType as closed {
+  o_orderkey: int32, 
+  o_custkey: int32, 
+  o_orderstatus: string, 
+  o_totalprice: double, 
+  o_orderdate: string, 
+  o_orderpriority: string,
+  o_clerk: string, 
+  o_shippriority: int32, 
+  o_comment: string
+create type CustomerType as closed {
+  c_custkey: int32, 
+  c_name: string, 
+  c_address: string, 
+  c_nationkey: int32, 
+  c_phone: string, 
+  c_acctbal: double, 
+  c_mktsegment: string,
+  c_comment: string
+create type SupplierType as closed {
+  s_suppkey: int32, 
+  s_name: string,
+  s_address: string,
+  s_nationkey: int32,
+  s_phone: string,
+  s_acctbal: double,
+  s_comment: string
+create type NationType as closed {
+  n_nationkey: int32,
+  n_name: string,
+  n_regionkey: int32,
+  n_comment: string
+create type RegionType as closed {
+	r_regionkey: int32, 
+	r_name: string, 
+	r_comment: string
+create type PartType as closed {
+  p_partkey: int32, 
+  p_name: string, 
+  p_mfgr: string,
+  p_brand: string,
+  p_type: string,
+  p_size: int32,
+  p_container: string,
+  p_retailprice: double,
+  p_comment: string
+create type PartSuppType as closed {
+  ps_partkey: int32, 
+  ps_suppkey: int32,
+  ps_availqty: int32,
+  ps_supplycost: double,
+  ps_comment: string 
+create dataset LineItem(LineItemType)
+  primary key l_orderkey, l_linenumber;
+create dataset Orders(OrderType)
+  primary key o_orderkey;
+create dataset Supplier(SupplierType)
+  primary key s_suppkey;
+create dataset Region(RegionType) 
+  primary key r_regionkey;
+create dataset Nation(NationType) 
+  primary key n_nationkey;
+create dataset Part(PartType)
+  primary key p_partkey;
+create dataset Partsupp(PartSuppType)
+  primary key ps_partkey, ps_suppkey;  
+create dataset Customer(CustomerType) 
+  primary key c_custkey;
diff --git a/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.2.update.aql b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.2.update.aql
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..314a199
--- /dev/null
+++ b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.2.update.aql
@@ -0,0 +1,41 @@
+use dataverse tpch;
+load dataset LineItem 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+load dataset Orders 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+load dataset Supplier 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+load dataset Region 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+load dataset Nation 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+load dataset Part 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+load dataset Partsupp 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+load dataset Customer 
+using "edu.uci.ics.asterix.external.dataset.adapter.NCFileSystemAdapter"
+delete $l from dataset LineItem;
+delete $o from dataset Orders;
+delete $s from dataset Supplier;
+delete $s from dataset Region;
+delete $s from dataset Nation;
+delete $s from dataset Part;
+delete $s from dataset Partsupp;
diff --git a/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.3.query.aql b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.3.query.aql
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..cde20fb
--- /dev/null
+++ b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/queries/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.3.query.aql
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+use dataverse tpch;
+for $c in dataset Customer
+return $c;
diff --git a/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/results/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.1.adm b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/results/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.1.adm
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f0946aa
--- /dev/null
+++ b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/results/dml/delete-multi-statement/delete-multi-statement.1.adm
@@ -0,0 +1,151 @@
+[ { "c_custkey": 6i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000006", "c_address": "sKZz0CsnMD7mp4Xd0YrBvx,LREYKUWAh yVn", "c_nationkey": 20i32, "c_phone": "30-114-968-4951", "c_acctbal": 7638.57d, "c_mktsegment": "AUTOMOBILE", "c_comment": "tions. even deposits boost according to the slyly bold packages. final accounts cajole requests. furious" }
+, { "c_custkey": 11i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000011", "c_address": "PkWS 3HlXqwTuzrKg633BEi", "c_nationkey": 23i32, "c_phone": "33-464-151-3439", "c_acctbal": -272.6d, "c_mktsegment": "BUILDING", "c_comment": "ckages. requests sleep slyly. quickly even pinto beans promise above the slyly regular pinto beans. " }
+, { "c_custkey": 12i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000012", "c_address": "9PWKuhzT4Zr1Q", "c_nationkey": 13i32, "c_phone": "23-791-276-1263", "c_acctbal": 3396.49d, "c_mktsegment": "HOUSEHOLD", "c_comment": " to the carefully final braids. blithely regular requests nag. ironic theodolites boost quickly along" }
+, { "c_custkey": 14i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000014", "c_address": "KXkletMlL2JQEA ", "c_nationkey": 1i32, "c_phone": "11-845-129-3851", "c_acctbal": 5266.3d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": ", ironic packages across the unus" }
+, { "c_custkey": 21i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000021", "c_address": "XYmVpr9yAHDEn", "c_nationkey": 8i32, "c_phone": "18-902-614-8344", "c_acctbal": 1428.25d, "c_mktsegment": "MACHINERY", "c_comment": " quickly final accounts integrate blithely furiously u" }
+, { "c_custkey": 23i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000023", "c_address": "OdY W13N7Be3OC5MpgfmcYss0Wn6TKT", "c_nationkey": 3i32, "c_phone": "13-312-472-8245", "c_acctbal": 3332.02d, "c_mktsegment": "HOUSEHOLD", "c_comment": "deposits. special deposits cajole slyly. fluffily special deposits about the furiously " }
+, { "c_custkey": 26i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000026", "c_address": "8ljrc5ZeMl7UciP", "c_nationkey": 22i32, "c_phone": "32-363-455-4837", "c_acctbal": 5182.05d, "c_mktsegment": "AUTOMOBILE", "c_comment": "c requests use furiously ironic requests. slyly ironic dependencies us" }
+, { "c_custkey": 30i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000030", "c_address": "nJDsELGAavU63Jl0c5NKsKfL8rIJQQkQnYL2QJY", "c_nationkey": 1i32, "c_phone": "11-764-165-5076", "c_acctbal": 9321.01d, "c_mktsegment": "BUILDING", "c_comment": "lithely final requests. furiously unusual account" }
+, { "c_custkey": 33i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000033", "c_address": "qFSlMuLucBmx9xnn5ib2csWUweg D", "c_nationkey": 17i32, "c_phone": "27-375-391-1280", "c_acctbal": -78.56d, "c_mktsegment": "AUTOMOBILE", "c_comment": "s. slyly regular accounts are furiously. carefully pending requests" }
+, { "c_custkey": 38i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000038", "c_address": "a5Ee5e9568R8RLP 2ap7", "c_nationkey": 12i32, "c_phone": "22-306-880-7212", "c_acctbal": 6345.11d, "c_mktsegment": "HOUSEHOLD", "c_comment": "lar excuses. closely even asymptotes cajole blithely excuses. carefully silent pinto beans sleep carefully fin" }
+, { "c_custkey": 45i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000045", "c_address": "4v3OcpFgoOmMG,CbnF,4mdC", "c_nationkey": 9i32, "c_phone": "19-715-298-9917", "c_acctbal": 9983.38d, "c_mktsegment": "AUTOMOBILE", "c_comment": "nto beans haggle slyly alongside of t" }
+, { "c_custkey": 47i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000047", "c_address": "b0UgocSqEW5 gdVbhNT", "c_nationkey": 2i32, "c_phone": "12-427-271-9466", "c_acctbal": 274.58d, "c_mktsegment": "BUILDING", "c_comment": "ions. express, ironic instructions sleep furiously ironic ideas. furi" }
+, { "c_custkey": 49i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000049", "c_address": "cNgAeX7Fqrdf7HQN9EwjUa4nxT,68L FKAxzl", "c_nationkey": 10i32, "c_phone": "20-908-631-4424", "c_acctbal": 4573.94d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": "nusual foxes! fluffily pending packages maintain to the regular " }
+, { "c_custkey": 51i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000051", "c_address": "uR,wEaiTvo4", "c_nationkey": 12i32, "c_phone": "22-344-885-4251", "c_acctbal": 855.87d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": "eposits. furiously regular requests integrate carefully packages. furious" }
+, { "c_custkey": 58i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000058", "c_address": "g9ap7Dk1Sv9fcXEWjpMYpBZIRUohi T", "c_nationkey": 13i32, "c_phone": "23-244-493-2508", "c_acctbal": 6478.46d, "c_mktsegment": "HOUSEHOLD", "c_comment": "ideas. ironic ideas affix furiously express, final instructions. regular excuses use quickly e" }
+, { "c_custkey": 60i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000060", "c_address": "FyodhjwMChsZmUz7Jz0H", "c_nationkey": 12i32, "c_phone": "22-480-575-5866", "c_acctbal": 2741.87d, "c_mktsegment": "MACHINERY", "c_comment": "latelets. blithely unusual courts boost furiously about the packages. blithely final instruct" }
+, { "c_custkey": 70i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000070", "c_address": "mFowIuhnHjp2GjCiYYavkW kUwOjIaTCQ", "c_nationkey": 22i32, "c_phone": "32-828-107-2832", "c_acctbal": 4867.52d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": "fter the special asymptotes. ideas after the unusual frets cajole quickly regular pinto be" }
+, { "c_custkey": 72i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000072", "c_address": "putjlmskxE,zs,HqeIA9Wqu7dhgH5BVCwDwHHcf", "c_nationkey": 2i32, "c_phone": "12-759-144-9689", "c_acctbal": -362.86d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": "ithely final foxes sleep always quickly bold accounts. final wat" }
+, { "c_custkey": 77i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000077", "c_address": "4tAE5KdMFGD4byHtXF92vx", "c_nationkey": 17i32, "c_phone": "27-269-357-4674", "c_acctbal": 1738.87d, "c_mktsegment": "BUILDING", "c_comment": "uffily silent requests. carefully ironic asymptotes among the ironic hockey players are carefully bli" }
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+, { "c_custkey": 89i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000089", "c_address": "dtR, y9JQWUO6FoJExyp8whOU", "c_nationkey": 14i32, "c_phone": "24-394-451-5404", "c_acctbal": 1530.76d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": "counts are slyly beyond the slyly final accounts. quickly final ideas wake. r" }
+, { "c_custkey": 92i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000092", "c_address": "obP PULk2LH LqNF,K9hcbNqnLAkJVsl5xqSrY,", "c_nationkey": 2i32, "c_phone": "12-446-416-8471", "c_acctbal": 1182.91d, "c_mktsegment": "MACHINERY", "c_comment": ". pinto beans hang slyly final deposits. ac" }
+, { "c_custkey": 93i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000093", "c_address": "EHXBr2QGdh", "c_nationkey": 7i32, "c_phone": "17-359-388-5266", "c_acctbal": 2182.52d, "c_mktsegment": "MACHINERY", "c_comment": "press deposits. carefully regular platelets r" }
+, { "c_custkey": 103i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000103", "c_address": "8KIsQX4LJ7QMsj6DrtFtXu0nUEdV,8a", "c_nationkey": 9i32, "c_phone": "19-216-107-2107", "c_acctbal": 2757.45d, "c_mktsegment": "BUILDING", "c_comment": "furiously pending notornis boost slyly around the blithely ironic ideas? final, even instructions cajole fl" }
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+, { "c_custkey": 118i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000118", "c_address": "OVnFuHygK9wx3xpg8", "c_nationkey": 18i32, "c_phone": "28-639-943-7051", "c_acctbal": 3582.37d, "c_mktsegment": "AUTOMOBILE", "c_comment": "uick packages alongside of the furiously final deposits haggle above the fluffily even foxes. blithely dogged dep" }
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+, { "c_custkey": 126i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000126", "c_address": "ha4EHmbx3kg DYCsP6DFeUOmavtQlHhcfaqr", "c_nationkey": 22i32, "c_phone": "32-755-914-7592", "c_acctbal": 1001.39d, "c_mktsegment": "HOUSEHOLD", "c_comment": "s about the even instructions boost carefully furiously ironic pearls. ruthless, " }
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+, { "c_custkey": 141i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000141", "c_address": "5IW,WROVnikc3l7DwiUDGQNGsLBGOL6Dc0", "c_nationkey": 1i32, "c_phone": "11-936-295-6204", "c_acctbal": 6706.14d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": "packages nag furiously. carefully unusual accounts snooze according to the fluffily regular pinto beans. slyly spec" }
+, { "c_custkey": 147i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000147", "c_address": "6VvIwbVdmcsMzuu,C84GtBWPaipGfi7DV", "c_nationkey": 18i32, "c_phone": "28-803-187-4335", "c_acctbal": 8071.4d, "c_mktsegment": "AUTOMOBILE", "c_comment": "ress packages above the blithely regular packages sleep fluffily blithely ironic accounts. " }
+, { "c_custkey": 1i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000001", "c_address": "IVhzIApeRb ot,c,E", "c_nationkey": 15i32, "c_phone": "25-989-741-2988", "c_acctbal": 711.56d, "c_mktsegment": "BUILDING", "c_comment": "to the even, regular platelets. regular, ironic epitaphs nag e" }
+, { "c_custkey": 2i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000002", "c_address": "XSTf4,NCwDVaWNe6tEgvwfmRchLXak", "c_nationkey": 13i32, "c_phone": "23-768-687-3665", "c_acctbal": 121.65d, "c_mktsegment": "AUTOMOBILE", "c_comment": "l accounts. blithely ironic theodolites integrate boldly: caref" }
+, { "c_custkey": 4i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000004", "c_address": "XxVSJsLAGtn", "c_nationkey": 4i32, "c_phone": "14-128-190-5944", "c_acctbal": 2866.83d, "c_mktsegment": "MACHINERY", "c_comment": " requests. final, regular ideas sleep final accou" }
+, { "c_custkey": 13i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000013", "c_address": "nsXQu0oVjD7PM659uC3SRSp", "c_nationkey": 3i32, "c_phone": "13-761-547-5974", "c_acctbal": 3857.34d, "c_mktsegment": "BUILDING", "c_comment": "ounts sleep carefully after the close frays. carefully bold notornis use ironic requests. blithely" }
+, { "c_custkey": 15i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000015", "c_address": "YtWggXoOLdwdo7b0y,BZaGUQMLJMX1Y,EC,6Dn", "c_nationkey": 23i32, "c_phone": "33-687-542-7601", "c_acctbal": 2788.52d, "c_mktsegment": "HOUSEHOLD", "c_comment": " platelets. regular deposits detect asymptotes. blithely unusual packages nag slyly at the fluf" }
+, { "c_custkey": 16i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000016", "c_address": "cYiaeMLZSMAOQ2 d0W,", "c_nationkey": 10i32, "c_phone": "20-781-609-3107", "c_acctbal": 4681.03d, "c_mktsegment": "FURNITURE", "c_comment": "kly silent courts. thinly regular theodolites sleep fluffily after " }
+, { "c_custkey": 19i32, "c_name": "Customer#000000019", "c_address": "uc,3bHIx84H,wdrmLOjVsiqXCq2tr", "c_nationkey": 18i32, "c_phone": "28-396-526-5053", "c_acctbal": 8914.71d, "c_mktsegment": "HOUSEHOLD", "c_comment": " nag. furiously careful packages are slyly at the accounts. furiously regular in" }
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+ ]
diff --git a/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/testsuite.xml b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/testsuite.xml
index a954f7e..694077c 100644
--- a/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/testsuite.xml
+++ b/asterix-app/src/test/resources/runtimets/testsuite.xml
@@ -1729,6 +1729,11 @@
                 <output-dir compare="Text">scan-insert-rtree-secondary-index-open</output-dir>
+        <test-case FilePath="dml">
+            <compilation-unit name="delete-multi-statement">
+                <output-dir compare="Text">delete-multi-statement</output-dir>
+            </compilation-unit>
+        </test-case>
     <test-group name="employee">
         <test-case FilePath="employee">

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