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Jörn Horstmann (Jira) [jira] [Created] (ARROW-9583) Offset is mishandled in arithmetic and boolean compute kernels Tue, 28 Jul, 13:29
Jörn Horstmann (Jira) [jira] [Commented] (ARROW-9583) [Rust] Offset is mishandled in arithmetic and boolean compute kernels Wed, 29 Jul, 09:28
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9206) [C++][Flight] measure latency in flight benchmark Wed, 01 Jul, 05:27
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9223) [Python] Fix to_pandas() export for timestamps within structs Wed, 01 Jul, 08:00
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9283) [Python] Expose C++ build info Wed, 01 Jul, 10:16
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8434) [C++] Ipc RecordBatchFileReader deserializes the Schema multiple times Wed, 01 Jul, 13:29
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9288) [C++][Dataset] Discovery of partition field as dictionary type segfaulting with HivePartitioning Wed, 01 Jul, 15:09
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9289) [R] Remove deprecated functions Wed, 01 Jul, 15:49
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9163) [C++] Add methods to StringArray, LargeStringArray, to validate whether its values are all UTF-8 Wed, 01 Jul, 16:00
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9290) [Rust] [Parquet] Add features to allow opting out of dependencies Wed, 01 Jul, 17:20
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-3308) [R] Convert R character vector with data exceeding 2GB to Large type Wed, 01 Jul, 18:19
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-7011) [C++] Implement casts from float/double to decimal128 Wed, 01 Jul, 18:42
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8881) [Rust] Add large list and binary support Wed, 01 Jul, 19:21
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8977) [R] Table$create with schema crashes with some dictionary index types Wed, 01 Jul, 23:43
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9294) [GLib] Add GArrowFunction Thu, 02 Jul, 01:31
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9298) [C++] Fix crashes on invalid input (OSS-Fuzz) Thu, 02 Jul, 13:06
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9278) [C++] Implement Union validity bitmap changes from ARROW-9222 Thu, 02 Jul, 13:12
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-7010) [C++] Support lossy casts from decimal128 to float32 and float64/double Thu, 02 Jul, 15:07
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9013) [C++] Validate enum-style CMake options Thu, 02 Jul, 16:33
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9300) [Java] Separate Netty Memory to its own module Thu, 02 Jul, 16:33
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9108) [C++][Dataset] Add Parquet Statistics conversion for timestamp columns Thu, 02 Jul, 18:42
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9306) [Ruby] Add support for Fri, 03 Jul, 02:00
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9307) [Ruby] Add Arrow::RecordBatchIterator#to_a Fri, 03 Jul, 02:05
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9308) Add Feature enum to schema.fbs for forward compatibity Fri, 03 Jul, 03:37
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9315) [Java] Fix the failure of testAllocationManagerType Fri, 03 Jul, 04:55
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9316) [C++] Use "Dataset" instead of "Datasets" Fri, 03 Jul, 06:40
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9317) [Java] A few testcases for arrow-memory Fri, 03 Jul, 08:38
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8651) [Python][Dataset] Support pickling of Dataset objects Fri, 03 Jul, 11:50
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-6775) [C++] [Python] Proposal for several Array utility functions Fri, 03 Jul, 15:01
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9322) [R] Dataset documentation polishing Fri, 03 Jul, 21:40
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9323) [Ruby] Add Red Arrow Dataset Fri, 03 Jul, 22:08
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9326) [Python] Setuptools 49.1.0 appears to break our Python 3.6 builds Sat, 04 Jul, 21:43
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9137) [GLib][Ruby] Allow to read Parquet files in chunks (by RowGroup) Sun, 05 Jul, 20:53
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-4600) [Ruby] Arrow::DictionaryArray#[] should returns the item in the indices array Sun, 05 Jul, 21:25
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9327) Fix all clippy errors for arrow crate Sun, 05 Jul, 23:37
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9328) [C++][Gandiva] Add LTRIM, RTRIM, BTRIM functions for string Mon, 06 Jul, 01:57
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9329) [C++][Gandiva] Implement castTimestampToDate function Mon, 06 Jul, 11:57
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9330) [C++] Fix crashes on corrupt IPC input (OSS-Fuzz) Mon, 06 Jul, 13:42
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9331) [C++] Improve the performance of Tensor-to-SparseTensor conversion Mon, 06 Jul, 14:06
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8374) [R] Table to vector of DictonaryType will error when Arrays don't have the same Dictionary per array Mon, 06 Jul, 15:36
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-7237) [C++] Add Result<T> to APIs to arrow/json Mon, 06 Jul, 17:18
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9337) [R] On C++ library build failure, give an unambiguous message Mon, 06 Jul, 17:58
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8301) [R] Handle ChunkedArray and Table in C data interface Mon, 06 Jul, 19:36
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9336) [Ruby] Creating RecordBatch with structs missing keys results in a malformed table Mon, 06 Jul, 21:24
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9340) [R] Use CRAN version of decor package Mon, 06 Jul, 22:44
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9341) [GLib] Use arrow::Datum version Take() Tue, 07 Jul, 02:17
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9343) [C++][Gandiva] CastINT/Float functions from string should handle leading/trailing white spaces Tue, 07 Jul, 05:10
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8581) [C#] Date32/64Array.Builder should accept DateTime, not DateTimeOffset Tue, 07 Jul, 09:40
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9121) [C++] Do not wipe the filesystem when path is empty Tue, 07 Jul, 11:22
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9268) [C++] Add is{alnum,alpha,...} kernels for strings Tue, 07 Jul, 11:56
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8886) [C#] Decide and implement appropriate behaviour for Array builder resize to negative size Tue, 07 Jul, 12:40
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9305) [Python] Dependency load failure in Windows wheel build Tue, 07 Jul, 13:38
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9287) [C++] Implement support for unsigned dictionary indices Tue, 07 Jul, 14:34
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9291) [R] Support fixed size binary/list types Tue, 07 Jul, 15:35
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9020) [Python] read_json won't respect explicit_schema in parse_options Tue, 07 Jul, 15:57
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9347) [Python] Tests fail with latest fsspec Tue, 07 Jul, 17:13
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9265) [C++] Add support for writing MetadataVersion::V4-compatible IPC messages for compatibility with library versions <= 0.17.1 Tue, 07 Jul, 18:33
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9360) [CI][Crossbow] Nightly homebrew-cpp job times out Tue, 07 Jul, 19:14
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8559) [Rust] Consolidate Record Batch reader traits in main arrow crate Tue, 07 Jul, 20:08
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9339) [Rust] Comments on SIMD in Arrow README are incorrect Tue, 07 Jul, 20:17
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9187) [R] Add bindings for arithmetic and is_null kernels Tue, 07 Jul, 20:35
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9351) [C++][CI] Nightly test-ubuntu-18.04-cpp-cmake32 fails Tue, 07 Jul, 21:33
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9365) [Go] Implement the rest of the typed array builders in NewBuilder Tue, 07 Jul, 21:41
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8344) [C#] StringArray.Builder.Clear() corrupts subsequently-built array contents Wed, 08 Jul, 00:22
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9348) [C++] Replace usages of TestBase::MakeRandomArray in testing/gtest_util.h with RandomArrayGenerator Wed, 08 Jul, 05:22
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9363) [C++][Dataset] ParquetDatasetFactory schema: pandas metadata is lost Wed, 08 Jul, 07:28
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9368) [Python] Rename predicate argument to filter in split_by_row_group() Wed, 08 Jul, 07:40
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9353) [Python][CI] Nightly dask integration jobs fail Wed, 08 Jul, 09:31
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9371) [Java] Run vector tests for both allocators Wed, 08 Jul, 09:38
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9370) [Java] Bump Netty version Wed, 08 Jul, 10:02
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9350) [C++][CI] Nightly valgrind job failures Wed, 08 Jul, 10:12
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9354) [C++] Turbodbc latest fails to build in the integration tests Wed, 08 Jul, 13:14
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9373) [C++] Fix Parquet crash on invalid input (OSS-Fuzz) Wed, 08 Jul, 13:19
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9334) [Dev][Archery] Push ancestor docker images Wed, 08 Jul, 13:25
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9374) [C++][Python] Expose MakeArrayFromScalar Wed, 08 Jul, 15:19
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9362) [Java] Add support for writing MetadataVersion::V4-compatible IPC messages for compatibility with library versions <= 0.17.1 Wed, 08 Jul, 17:02
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9345) [C++][Dataset] Expression with dictionary type should work with operand of value type Wed, 08 Jul, 18:53
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9382) Add boolean to valid keys of groupBy Thu, 09 Jul, 06:05
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9383) [Python] Support fsspec filesystems in Dataset API through fs handler Thu, 09 Jul, 07:41
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9384) [C++] Out-of-memory on invalid IPC input (OSS-Fuzz) Thu, 09 Jul, 09:54
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9346) [C++][Python][Dataset] Add total_byte_size metadata to RowGroupInfo Thu, 09 Jul, 13:08
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8655) [C++][Dataset][Python][R] Preserve partitioning information for a discovered Dataset Thu, 09 Jul, 13:54
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-6982) [R] Add bindings for compare and boolean kernels Thu, 09 Jul, 17:19
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9321) [C++][Dataset] Allow to "collect" statistics for ParquetFragment row groups if not constructed from _metadata Thu, 09 Jul, 17:59
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9391) [Rust] Float32 values interpreted as zero when record batch has one row Thu, 09 Jul, 18:05
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-8989) [C++] Document available functions in compute::FunctionRegistry Thu, 09 Jul, 19:06
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9393) [Doc] update supported types documentation for Java Thu, 09 Jul, 20:05
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9380) [C++] Segfaults in compute::CallFunction Thu, 09 Jul, 22:59
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9303) [R] Linux static build should always bundle dependencies Fri, 10 Jul, 03:11
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9398) [C++] Register the SIMD sum variants under function instance instead a SIMD function Fri, 10 Jul, 04:25
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-1567) [C++] Implement "fill null" kernels that replace null values with some scalar replacement value Fri, 10 Jul, 10:33
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9403) [Python] add .tolist as alias of .to_pylist Fri, 10 Jul, 11:53
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9395) [Python] Provide configurable MetadataVersion in IPC API and environment variable to set default to V4 when needed Fri, 10 Jul, 14:59
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9355) [R] Fix -Wimplicit-int-float-conversion Fri, 10 Jul, 16:58
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9297) [C++][Dataset] Dataset scanner cannot handle large binary column (> 2 GB) Fri, 10 Jul, 18:28
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9397) [R] Pass CC/CXX to cmake when building libarrow in Linux build Fri, 10 Jul, 18:55
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9408) [Integration] Tests do not run in Windows due to numpy 64-bit errors Fri, 10 Jul, 20:13
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9409) [CI][Crossbow] Nightly conda-r fails Fri, 10 Jul, 20:21
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9410) [CI][Crossbow] Fix homebrew-cpp again Fri, 10 Jul, 20:40
ASF GitHub Bot (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (ARROW-9292) [Rust] Update feature matrix with passing tests Fri, 10 Jul, 20:46
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