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From "Melik-Adamyan, Areg" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS][C++][Proposal] Threading engine for Arrow
Date Mon, 06 May 2019 18:54:28 GMT
> The question is whether you want to spend at least a month or more of
> intense development on something else (a basic query engine, as we've been
> discussing in [1]) before we are able to develop consensus about the
> approach to threading. Personally, I would not make this choice given that
> there are good options available to move along the discussion of the
> parallelism API. I think Antoine's point about the CSV reader as an example
> of a non-trivial processing pipeline that also includes IO operations.
> - Wes
> [1]:
> iEbaM2Y33sNPu4/edit?usp=sharing
[>] Anton's point is just an example. Next month we are spending on kernels and QE execution
nodes design according to the Wes' document. After that, if the community will feel that it
is time to discuss parallelism we will return to that discussion. 
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