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From Antoine Pitrou <>
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2019 09:32:10 GMT

Hmm... There are enough warnings that need pampering in the default
settings that I don't think we want to go the full length of enabling
all warnings.  Sometimes it's a PITA to get code to compile cleanly on
all platforms.

If compiler writers had a more reasonable judgement when it comes to
designing and enabling warnings, I would perhaps revise my position ;-)



Le 03/03/2019 à 04:47, Micah Kornfield a écrit :
> As part of trying to fix the mingw C++ build [1], I tried compiling with
> BUILD_WARNING_LEVEL=EVERYTHING and it seems like it highlights a lot of
> possible warnings that aren't in CHECKIN.   Have we not turned on the
> additional warnings because there was too much to fix at the time this was
> added?  Or is a conscious decision to ignore some warnings?
> Thanks,
> Micah
> [1]

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