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From Hatem Helal <>
Subject Re: Parquet Shared Library Versioning
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2019 11:28:41 GMT
Thank you Wes, keeping the same version sounds good to me.  

On 2/27/19, 9:05 PM, "Wes McKinney" <> wrote:

    hi Hatem,
    Until the Parquet community begins to make C++ releases out of the new
    monorepo structure, I think we should continue to use the same SO
    version for all libraries produced by the build. Otherwise the ABI
    version from a coming from an Arrow release artifact
    could cause conflict with a different having the same
    ABI version but originating from a different released version.
    If this is not what other people want, that is OK, but I don't think
    we should be building with a snapshot Parquet version
    from an Arrow release artifact. So we can make the SO version
    distinct, so long as there is not the possibility of conflict if and
    when the Parquet community makes a C++ release.
    - Wes
    On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 1:35 PM Hatem Helal <> wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I’d like to discuss the versioning of the parquet shared libs that are built when
you use -DARROW_PARQUET=ON.  My observation is that back when parquet-cpp was a separate project
the shared libs were versioned using the parquet-cpp version number (e.g 1.4.0).  Since moving
to a single repo, the parquet shared libraries are now versioned with the arrow version number
(e.g. 0.12.0)
    > I assumed this wasn't carried over to the mono-repo and opened a JIRA [1] and a PR
[2] to version the parquet shared libraries separately from Arrow.  I've read through the
thread discussing the mono-repo [3] and otherwise can't find mention of Wes' comment that:
    > "I had thought we had discussed using the same SO version for all shared libraries
produced by a particular build. Let's discuss this some more."
    > I see some value in maintaining the parquet library version but equally see value
in matching the arrow version.  I'm not sure this is correct, but I still consider parquet-cpp
somewhat separate
    > (it has its own JIRA).  An additional proposal is that we could modify the CREATED_BY_VERSION
[4] to reference the Arrow version number for additional traceability with Parquet files written
using the mono-repo.
    > Any additional thoughts or a link to prior discussion on shared lib versioning would
be much appreciated.
    > Thanks!
    > Hatem
    > [1]
    > [2]
    > [3]
    > [4]

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