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From Wes McKinney <>
Subject [VOTE] Accept contribution of Plasma Object Store
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2017 18:14:58 GMT
Dear all,

The Plasma Object Store provides a server process, reference C++ client, and
Python binding for managing a collection of binary "objects" in POSIX shared
memory. Applications use a lightweight messaging protocol to create and delete
memory blocks in the object store, evict objects to make room for new objects,
and increment and decrement reference counts to indicate shared ownership of
memory. It also provides for subscribing to notifications about object
activity. The system helps simplify ownership transfer and memory lifetime of
shared memory blocks, which can be much more complicated in a peer-to-peer

The object store has been used in conjunction with the Apache Arrow libraries
to provide for zero-copy access to collections of large objects stored in
shared memory. Incorporating this project into Apache Arrow will help the
community continue to develop and innovate technology for low-overhead sharing
of complex datasets across multiple processes.

Plasma Object Store was developed by the Ray project with the UC Berkeley
RISELab. There have been 8 contributors, with about 3.1 KLOC of C++ code and an
additional 5.1 KLOC of thirdparty C and C++ code which we have reviewed for
compatibility with the Apache Software Foundation's policies on license

This code was split off from the Ray project from commit id
`b94b4a35e04d8d2c0af4420518a4e9a94c1c9b9f` [1] and modified by the authors for
inclusion in Apache Arrow in a GitHub pull request [2]. This code has been
staged in a separate repository for review by the community and ASF IP


This vote is to determine whether the Arrow PMC is in favor of accepting the
code contribution. If the vote passes, the PMC and the authors of the code will
work together to complete the ASF IP Clearance process and import the Plasma
Object Store into Apache Arrow for inclusion in a future release:

    [ ] +1 : Accept contribution of Plasma Object Store
    [ ]  0 : No opinion
    [ ] -1 : Reject contribution because...

The vote is open for 72 hours and will close at 18:15 UTC on Sunday 23 July
2017 and the results will be announced on this list.



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