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From Wes McKinney <>
Subject Making some decisions about date and time types
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2017 16:51:52 GMT
hi folks,

We have some format decisions to make about all 3 of the primary
temporal types in Arrow:

ARROW-617 - Time type
- It is proposed to add the type bit width to the metadata for
clarity, and using the smallest type that can accommodate a particular
time unit

ARROW-316: Date type
- It is proposed to add a DateUnit to indicate day-based date (a la
PostgreSQL and other systems) as int32 vs. millisecond-based date as
int64 (a la Joda, and current Arrow Java)

ARROW-637: Timestamp type
- It is proposed to add a timezone string to the metadata as to
disambiguate TZ-naive vs. TZ-aware data, but otherwise display only
(changing the time zone does not alter the physical int64 timestamp

There seems to be some degree of consensus on all 3 of these, but it
would be good to reach a final decision and merge patches so that we
can do the corresponding dev work in Java and C++, and hopefully get
integration tests working in time for the Arrow 0.3 release.


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