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From "De Backer Frederik (DBB)" <>
Subject Support for interceptors?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 06:48:23 GMT
Hello all,

I am wondering if the OSGi Enterprise specification has some support to
define interceptors on OSGi service methods. Suppose for example that I
want to log the request parameters of a method, is it possible to define
an interceptor in the blueprint.xml method on the service definition. I
guess not because I haven't found anything until now. Is there some
recommended approach to implement this? For example, by using an AOP
framework like aspectj or using spring annotations (however in the last
case I don't how how it is possible to define the annotations since I
would need another spring-beans.xml file to define my annotations, next
to my blueprint.xml file). Has someone done any work on this?

Thx a lot for the assistance and kind regards,

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