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From Timothy Ward <>
Subject RE: Status of Aries
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 08:22:45 GMT

Hi Bengt,

Whilst I agree that 0.2 seems a long way below 1.0, this is actually the second release of
Apache Aries, and I know for a fact that Aries code is currently in active use in Apache Geronimo
and IBM's WebSphere Application Server. I'm sure that there are others using it too, and if
so I'd love to hear about it!

The 1.0 release of Apache Aries will most likely be shortly after we graduate to a top level
project, which we're looking at doing over the next few months. Also, we have an active development
community, so if you do have any problems there should be plenty of people to help/bugfix.

As for your areas of interest, the Aries JPA runtime is well tested with OpenJPA 2.0.0 (previous
versions can be made to work with patches). EclipseLink should also work, although it is a
less well tested path. 

The blueprint and transactions runtimes offer well integrated support with the OSGi blueprint
and JTA service specifications, as well as some significant integration improvements on top.
As a whole I can recommend the combination.



> Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2010 08:56:02 +0200
> Subject: Status of Aries
> From:
> To:
> I'm new to Aries and find it a very interesting project. Given that the
> release number is still far below 1.0 and the project has an
> "incubating" status, I'm curious about the status of the project. Is
> Aries mature enough for production use? Who else is using it in
> production?
> My main interest (at this point) is in JPA (with OpenJPA or EclipseLink
> - haven't decided yet), transaction and blueprint although I'll
> probably look into the other parts as well.
> Thanks,
> /Bengt
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