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From John W Ross <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Release Aries Testsupport Unit 2.0.0
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2015 17:52:29 GMT
Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate due to the ongoing email issues, 
but all other messages that I sent out since yesterday morning have now 
come through in the right order except this one which was the very first. 
So I'm assuming it got lost.

I'm considering doing a 2.0.0 release of org.apache.aries.testsupport.unit 
as a prerequisite to a new subsystems release but am not sure it's really 
necessary. The subsystem-core module uses the last released 
testsupport-unit version of 1.0.0. Attempting to debug subsystem-core code 
while running an itest is not possible apparently due to the pax-exam 
version conflicts. Pointing subsystem-core to the testsupport-unit 
2.0.0-SNAPSHOT version fixes the issue. Since we've never released 
subsystem-itest, and there are no plans to do so this time, it's not clear 
to me if leaving subsystem-core pointing to the 1.0.0 version will hurt 


The last release of testsupport-unit is version 1.0.0:|gav|1|g%3A%22org.apache.aries.testsupport%22%20AND%20a%3A%22org.apache.aries.testsupport.unit%22

The release tag is here: 

You can do "svn diff -r 1352338" from trunk to see the changes since the 
last release.

The only related JIRA I could find is

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