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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject [Heads up] Using external osgi.bnd files and bnd baselining in Aries JPA
Date Sat, 22 Aug 2015 16:30:10 GMT
Yesterday I committed a larger change in the Aries JPA modules regarding 
the maven setup.

I always had problems with the defaults the Aries parent sets for the 
maven bundle plugin.
In the ops4j pax projects I have seen a different style of configuring 
the maven bundle plugins that I think is much more straight forward.
They use an external osgi.bnd file that contains the settings. So it is 
not necessary to have properties in the maven pom.

I have introduced this style in the jpa subproject and also configured 
the new bnd baselining instead of the Aries version plugin. I really 
like the results and wanted to introduce them to
the Aries community as a proposal to use this in the future.

For reference this is how the parent looks like:
I am not using the aries parent as I was not able to reset the maven 
bundle plugin settings. I copied the minimal necessary configs into the 
parent. I think we probably could also slim down the real aries parent.

This is how a typical pom looks after the change:
I set a baseline version for all modules as a default. Each module can 
change this if necessary and also choose to skip the baselining.
I have configured bnd to only fail on errors not warnings. This allows 
that we do a larger version jump than the minimum but will fail if we do 
not increase the package versions as necessary.

This is the osgi config file. Btw it is possible to use all the maven 
properties in such files.

What do you think about the changes?


This is what I configured for the maven bundle plugin in the parent:

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