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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Release whole sub projects instead of individual bundles
Date Tue, 26 May 2015 20:28:55 GMT

Am 26.05.2015 um 15:38 schrieb Jeremy Hughes:
> I agree. Can we define roughly though? I can't see any reason to bump 
> any of the version numbers more than one of its constituent packages 
> has been. i.e. a fix in an Aries JPA package bumps the micro of the 
> package, all the Aries JPA bundles and the Aries JPA distro of all 
> bundles. Likewise with API additions (minor version bumps) and API 
> breaking changes (major version bumps). 
Yes. Generally we should reflect the biggest change done in any of the 
exported packages in the version of the subproject. I wrote roughly as 
we have no automation for it and so it might sometimes be slightly off.
>> As long as we version the packages correctly, user code will still behave
>> well if they use import package.
>> I also agree that people will still be able to put together their set of
>> individual bundles from maven central.
> The challenge for these people is knowing when to update. We'll be
> requiring ourselves to release unchanged bundles with a micro/minor or
> major version bump. When someone sees a newer version, it's very
> tempting to update even if there are no changes. Which would you
> rather use bundle v1.1 or v1.2 even if it is stated they are
> identical?
If people have the choice then updating to the new version should be no 
problem. This is when they recompile their code.
I think the critical point is that we stay compatible to the user 
bundles that were not updated as far as we can. The package versions 
should provide that.
>> Though most people probably will just
>> use the set of bundles we provide together anyway as you need quite deep
>> knowledge to pick individual bundles and still make the system work.
> I could argue this both ways - deploying a set of bundles that have
> all moved up a version, but only one of which has inherent changes -
> is a risk. Equally, deploying only the single that did change means
> combining it with bundles it may not have been tested with (although
> if the others haven't changed the risk should be minimal).
I think at least the coherent set of bundles with the same version will 
assure people that the bundles work together well. So beginners can 
safely use that option while experts can still mix the different bundle 
versions and so only
change the minimal set.
Honestly... currently when I want to deploy e.g. an aries jpa version I 
use either the newest bundles together or check in an older karaf which 
combinations were present there. Apart from that it is kind of trial and 
error for me.


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