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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Release whole sub projects instead of individual bundles
Date Sat, 23 May 2015 12:50:57 GMT
I agree that the semantic versioning of the packages is the most 
important thing. It will provide highest possible isolation from changes 
for user bundles.
We are also quite accustomed to do so with the help of the version plugin.

For the bundles I would propose the simple approach to keep all bundles 
of a subproject at the same version. We should increase this version 
roughly according to semantic versioning. For example it should be 
rather easy to make sure bugfix versions do not change APIs and do not 
add new functionality.
One awkward change of course is if we do an API change in one package. 
We will then probably have to increase the major version of the whole 
subproject even if many packages stay exactly the same. As for example 
the OSGi API jars have the same issue I would not regard this as a big 
problem. As long as we version the packages correctly, user code will 
still behave well if they use import package.

I also agree that people will still be able to put together their set of 
individual bundles from maven central. Though most people probably will 
just use the set of bundles we provide together anyway as you need quite 
deep knowledge to pick individual bundles and still make the system work.


On 22.05.2015 18:25, Jeremy Hughes wrote:
> Some consequences: every release we do we'll bump the bundle version 
> numbers so they're all the same. The bundles will individually be 
> uploaded to maven central so a minor version change caused by a single 
> bundle will cause other, unchanged bundles to also get a bump. 
> Consumers of an unchanged bundle in the changed module could be fooled 
> into thinking there is something new for them. We should do some 
> education saying: forget the bundle versions when you want to update 
> because you may not be getting an update - just look at the package 
> versions. So, I'm wondering whether we should semantically version the 
> "module". While there is less reason to, I think it makes sense - to 
> give users an idea of the significance of the changes inside. That 
> leaves us in the position where "modules" are semantically versioned, 
> but nothing consumes them in that way (other than users), bundles are 
> not semantically versioned, although some code does consume them in 
> that way (Require-Bundle for example), and packages remained 
> semantically versioned. I feel the last point is the most valuable. I 
> think the ease of releasing code outweighs the loss of semantic 
> versions on bundles despite the future of many differently versioned 
> identical bundles proliferating on maven central. At least users can 
> see what the consistent set is - what we've tested together, AND they 
> can consume individual bundles from maven central - which is really 
> important for me. As you can see I'm just about coming down from the 
> fence in favour :-) Jeremy

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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