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From David Bosschaert <>
Subject Why does Subsystems assume content resources not ending with .jar to be bundles?
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2014 13:33:23 GMT
Hi all,

While working on
(Support custom content in subsystems/.esa files) I noticed that there
is some logic in Aries Subsystems that assumes that if the content of
a subsystem does not end with .esa, it's treated as a bundle. There is
actually an itest for it:

Now I'm not sure what the requirement for this was, but it seems to me
that an embedded bundle should always have the extension .jar. Is
there ever a valid case where it doesn't?

In order to support custom content inside .esa file we need to start
handling other file name extensions than .jar. Assuming that all of
these are bundles makes that pretty complicated.

Any objections to me removing the functionality that assumes any file
(except .esa) to be a bundle? Then bundles will have to end with .jar,
which they would anyway...



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