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From Holly Cummins <>
Subject [DISCUSSION] Discussion for util and blueprint.api bundles.
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 13:58:16 GMT
Hi all,

I've just staged release candidates for the util and blueprint.api
bundles. Because the build for the util bundle is structured a bit
differently, with a parent and two sub-modules, the release plugin
seems to have tagged everything under trunk, rather than just the util
module. If we think this is a problem I can have another go and try
and wrestle the tag into obedience (the artefacts in the repository do
look fine, so it's just the tag that's slightly awry.

Now that we're getting into real function, it's probably a good time
to share the compliance test results. The CT reports can be viewed at, and the previous set of
reports are at This is the
summary (0.3 scores in parentheses):

org.osgi.test.cases.blueprint.html:13 (5)
/org.osgi.test.cases.blueprint.java5.html:0 (0) (0)
org.osgi.test.cases.jmx.html:18 (18)
org.osgi.test.cases.jndi.html:7 (3) (0)
org.osgi.test.cases.transaction.html:0 (0)

Our CT scores are worse for the blueprint and jndi tests. I was
running the tests with a u33 HotSpot JVM, so I believe the extra JNDI
failures are due to stricter JVM verification of proxies (see
ARIES-861 for a discussion). The Blueprint failures are discussed in
an earlier thread, I may
have another bash at fixing them while releases in other components
are being voted through, but I don't think they're critical. I did fix
one blueprint security regression before doing the release.


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