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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Module versions in trunk
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 18:51:28 GMT
Hi, last month I posted this [1]:

> OK, so I'm replying to my own email :-) A sticking point is the
> version in the pom during the staging of releases and after the
> release. a) we don't want to choose the next version of a module while
> releasing the current one. b) the version needs to be
> something-SNAPSHOT to keep maven happy. c) it can't be
> currentrelease-SNAPSHOT because in maven that has the semantics of
> being a build leading up to the currentrelease.
> So, as a suggestion, during the release process, move the trunk to
> currentrelease-next-SNAPSHOT ... e.g. we're releasing 0.4, so after
> the staging is complete, trunk will be 0.4-next-SNAPSHOT. I think that
> solves all three constraints above.

I'm currently reintegrating the release branch into trunk, so the
versions of the modules in trunk will change to become <latest
release>-next-SNAPSHOT. Rather than have a mixture of modules in the
form <next release>-SNAPSHOT and <latest release>-next-SNAPSHOT I'm
planning on changing the versions used in the rest of trunk (those
that weren't just released). Before I do this though, does anyone see
any problem with this. One oddity will be modules that haven't yet had
a release - they'll be changed to 0.0.0-next-SNAPSHOT.




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